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  • Laws and Regulations For Flying Drones For Leisure and Business

    What are FAA rules, laws and regulations in regards to flying Drones? Ignorance to the rules and regulations of UAS (unmanned aircraft systems) flight is not an excuse for FAA violations. It is your responsibility to educate yourself on the rule and regulations of UAS flight before taking to the air in your drone. The... Read More

  • Marc Zuckerberg’s Fly-Forever Drone Internet Service

    With Mark Zuckerberg’s groundbreaking social media platform, Facebook, the world and how we interact with each other has been drastically altered. Not one to rest on his laurels of past achievement, Zuckerberg and his financial empire are looking to fly even higher and change the world yet again. On the drawing board are Mark Zuckerberg’s... Read More

  • The Truth About Drone Deliveries

    A few years back, Jeff Bezos, the president of Amazon, made a promise to its customers.  He promised delivery services by drone would become a new service, and he called it Amazon Air. But what is the truth about drone deliveries? Is it the way of the future, or just a hazard? In truth, there... Read More

  • Drones Working Together: A Coordinated Effort

    Currently drone technology, despite all it’s potential, is limited. Software limitations hold drones to current single operation functions. They are able to operate perfectly in simple autonomous missions.  For more complex moves requiring multiple drones carrying out dedicated tasks, drones are forced to rely on human input. This puts such tasks as advanced contrition or... Read More

  • Google is Working With the FAA to Develop Universal Drone Sensor Technology

    It is a nightmare scenario, a fully loaded 747 passenger airplane colliding with a small drone that either blinds the pilot of causes an engine malfunction leading to a crash with a large loss of life. FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) guidelines require at the moment that drones remain outside the perimeter of the flight path... Read More

  • The Birth of Drone Racing

    As with many new technologies, it is not long before some enterprising individual finds a way to turn that technology from a tool to a form of entertainment such as racing. Sail powered boats became racing schooners in the 19th century. Horse riding led to horse racing. The car quickly became the race car.  So... Read More

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