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Aerial photography has been around a long time, but with the advent of drones the practice (excuse the pun) has skyrocketed.

Yet until now, not only has hiring a drone operator been very expensive, their qualifications, and the quality of their work, are often substandard.

Many are unlicensed and uninsured, putting the consumer at financial risk. This is where we fly in with our premium-quality reliable service.

DroneVideos.com was created to provide uniform excellence in aerial photography by establishing the first and largest nationwide network of highly qualified drone operators who are fully vetted, licensed, and insured. Most importantly, they exhibit exceptional skills and artistry in shooting beautifully composed Ultra HD video footage and the highest-resolution photography. Our CEO manually reviews each project to ensure it is 100% perfect and worthy of our name and reputation.

We are a nationwide, on-demand media production company with instant online scheduling; specializing in Aerial Photography and Drone Videos for Commercial & Residential Real Estate, Construction, Inspections, and more. All of our pricing is completely 100% flat-rate per location/building.

Pricing depends on the “flat-rate package” you choose to purchase. Every package includes FREE professional photo/video editing and color correction. For example, pricing for our Commercial Real Estate Photography Packages starts at just $350 for 20 Photos (mix Ground and Aerial) + 1 FREE Twilight Photo + FREE Blue Sky Replacements on every photo. We cover every square inch of the USA, all 50 States: any location with 0 travel fees guaranteed!

Because of our streamlined process and the breadth of our system, we’re able to offer these unrivaled professional services at flat-rate prices affordable to everyone. There are virtually limitless and imaginative ways you can use DroneVideos.com for business, personal, and recreational purposes. If you’d like more information, please contact us.

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