We are a nationwide, on-demand commercial real estate photography and video production company with instant online scheduling. Here at DroneVideos.com, we are experts in Aerial Photography, Ground Photography, and Drone Videos to cover all your commercial real estate photography & video needs. All of our pricing is completely 100% flat-rate per location/building. Pricing depends on the “flat-rate package” you choose to purchase.

Every flat-rate package includes FREE professional photo/video editing and color correction. For example, pricing for our Commercial Real Estate Photography Packages starts at just $350 for 20 Photos (mix Aerial and Ground photography) + 1 FREE Twilight Photo shoot + FREE Blue Sky Replacements on every photo. Our commercial real estate photography service covers every square inch of the USA, all 50 States, any location with 0 travel fees guaranteed!

In addition to the highest-quality, on-demand Commercial Real Estate Photography & Video services anywhere in the USA, we are also providing our Commercial Clients with one-of-a-kind “Add-Ons” that can be purchased alongside any of our flat-rate photo/video packages. These “Commercial Add-Ons” are value-adding products that can elevate your photos and videos captured by us, here at DroneVideos.com.

Add-Ons Available for Purchase with Commercial Packages:

10 Interior Photos (+$200)
⊕  20 Interior Photos (+$250)
⊕  40 Interior Photos (+$300)

  1-Business Day RUSH Photo Turnaround Time (+$200)
⊕  2-Business Day RUSH Video Turnaround Time (+$250)

⊕  Virtual Timelapse (+$50) – View Samples
⊕  360° Interactive Panoramic (+$100) – View Samples
⊕  CRE Virtual Staging Photos (+$100 per photo) – View Samples
⊕  Interactive Orthomosaic w/ Street Map (+$200) – View Samples
⊕  Surrounding Area Photos (+$200) – Up to 4 Landmarks within 1 Mile

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Imagine this. You’re a business owner looking for a commercial property to house your operations. You’ve been searching far and wide for a building or parcel of land, but none of what you’ve found so far has met your expectations. Especially because you value your business and have allocated tremendous time, effort, and resources to build it from the ground up, it’s just right that your headquarters reflects that.

According to statistics from the National Association of Realtors, 73% of property owners say they are more likely to work with an agent who uses video to market their property listings. And the reason is simple. Aerial imagery and videos are more appealing, alluring, and powerful and can give them a sense of the property before they even set foot on it. The commercial real estate photographer collaborates with property managers, creating visually stunning imagery that offers a unique view of properties, ultimately attracting customers and enhancing their marketing efforts.

But unfortunately, only 9% of commercial real estate brokers use video, and its advantages in the real estate industry have not been fully maximized. It’s high time for you to bring commercial real estate photography and videos into your property marketing strategies.

DroneVideos.com comprises a highly qualified professional photographer crew specializing in filming commercial real estate, and we’ve been working with some of the largest Commercial Real Estate Brokers across the country. We can capture high-quality images, from both the ground and the air, as well as create drone videos.

No matter the scale of your commercial real estate project, whether it’s a single commercial building or shopping center, all of our commercial pricing is completely flat rate with no hidden fees or upsales. When your business and livelihood depend on real estate, you can count on DroneVideos.com to provide all your commercial real estate drone photography needs based on exact specifications and budget.

Market Your Commercial Property with Aerial Imagery & Videos

Professional photography plays a significant role in how a property listing performs. Especially as traditional property marketing strategies, such as on-site tours and open house events, are quickly being replaced by digital solutions, property buyers or potential tenants are more reliant on photos and videos to determine if they are interested in the space or not.

Statistics reveal that there is a significant difference in the selling process between commercial real estate with professional real estate photography and those of poor quality. Homes with high-quality photos sell 32% faster and high-value ranged homes sell for $3,000 to $11,000 more when marketed with stunning imagery and videos. If these numbers aren’t enough to establish the importance of commercial real estate photography and videography in the real estate industry, then we don’t know what is!

Aerial images used to be reserved for luxury million-dollar properties because the photos and videos were taken from a helicopter. But with the advent of drone photography, its benefits have been made affordable to all. The ability to capture professional photos and videos of your property is within your reach with our commercial real estate drone services.

Get Stunning Video Presentations

A crucial part of property marketing is being able to showcase all of its assets — and we don’t mean just its exterior and surrounding features. Potential buyers also want to see exact property’s location, major access points, nearby amenities, and more.

Drone photography and videography are able to capture all these, giving you, your potential clients, and your investors an expanded bird’s-eye view of the property. From your drone-shot video presentation alone, they become equipped with more insights that can influence a purchasing decision.

Our commercial real estate drone package includes 1-1:30 minute 4K drone videos you can use not only for marketing but to connect with your investors and customers with an effective and engaging video presentation.

Receive Nationwide Drone Services

Got a property in California and another in Hawaii? Here’s the good news — you don’t have to engage different drone services for each state! DroneVideos.com serves all 50 U.S. States, covering every square inch of your property — wherever it may be. 

And if you’re worried about shouldering the cost of our aerial photographer’s travel, you shouldn’t be! We charge 0 travel fees, guaranteed! One company, one expense, and the same, consistent, and high-quality outcome. 

Create Virtual Property Tours for Buyers

Gone are the days when buyers have the time and motivation to travel and see the property in person. Viewings like this are reserved for when the buyer actually makes the decision to purchase the property. Before that, though, they want to get a glimpse of it in a convenient way — often, digitally. 

Virtual tours have been growing in popularity, allowing potential buyers to get a good look at the building or parcel of land without having to leave their homes. Aerial imagery and videos give your clients a real sense of the property and its features, as well as location, surroundings, and nearby amenities.

Customizable Commercial Real Estate Drone Photography & Videography

Every property is unique, which means that standard drone services will not cut it! You need a quality service that is tailored to your property, showcasing its unique features and of course, meeting your needs and preferences. 

Our commercial real estate drone services are fully customizable. Let us know your goals and specifications for your aerial photos, videos, and SEO landing pages and we’ll tailor them to suit your needs! 

For Real Estate Agents, Brokers & Developers

In a competitive real estate scene, it’s important that you know how to stand out. Our real estate drone services for commercial properties are made to elevate property listings with stunning photos and videos, attract clients and interested buyers, and boost your practice. Start your custom order today!

Need residential real estate or multi-family housing drone services? Check out our drone services for property listings or multi-family housing drone photography pages.

Here is a list of just some of the many cities that our aerial photographers travel to:

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