We are a nationwide, on-demand media production company with instant online scheduling. Here at DroneVideos.com, we are experts in EXTERIOR Aerial Photography and Drone Videos for Residential Real Estate. All of our pricing is completely 100% flat-rate per property. Pricing depends on the “flat-rate package” you choose to purchase.

Every flat-rate package includes FREE professional photo/video editing and color correction. For example, pricing for our Residential Real Estate Photography Packages starts at just $350 for 10 Aerial Photos + FREE Blue Sky Replacements on every photo. We cover every square inch of the USA, all 50 States: any location with 0 travel fees guaranteed!

In addition to the highest-quality, on-demand EXTERIOR Residential Real Estate Photography and Video services anywhere in the USA, we are also providing our Real Estate Agent, Realtor, and Real Estate Professional Clients with one-of-a-kind “Add-Ons” that can be purchased alongside any of our flat-rate photo/video packages. These “Residential Add-Ons” are value-adding products that can elevate and accompany your EXTERIOR photos and videos captured by us, here at DroneVideos.com.

Add-Ons Available with Real Estate Packages:

  1-Business Day RUSH Photo Turnaround Time (+$150)
⊕  2-Business Day RUSH Video Turnaround Time (+$200)

⊕  Virtual Timelapse (+$50) – View Samples
⊕  360° Interactive Panoramic (+$100) – View Samples
Interactive Orthomosaic w/ Street Map (+$200) – View Samples
Surrounding Area Photos (+$200) – Up to 4 Landmarks within 1 Mile

Being out in front of your competitors with aerial photography is a huge advantage in the real estate industry. Due to real estate photographers who do an incredible job, properties of all types become more appealing to clients. Interest surges. Showings result. Homes can sell quicker with professional, high-resolution real estate photography for commercial purposes. Now, with DroneVideos.com launching the first nationwide network of drone video operators, making drone photography amazingly fast, easy, and affordable, it’s time to seize this explosive opportunity and grow your real estate business with exciting aerial video services. So, ready to create sky-high interest in your residential real estate property listings with drone photography services? While leaving your competitors on the ground? To boost your real estate marketing, be the first in your area to schedule low-cost real estate drone photography and aerial video services, tailor-made for showcasing homes.

We have been serving realtors and real estate businesses for years with our large, nationwide drone pilot network. Our real estate photographers and pilots are extremely talented and experienced in shooting high-quality HD video footage and images and also at an affordable price. We’re an FAA-approved and registered drone business allowing our clients to book with confidence and peace of mind. Use our drone services to showcase and market your properties effectively beating your competitors and targeting the right home buyers!

Our real estate aerial photography services can add value to your communication. Our team of professional drone photographers is highly trained to produce high-quality drone images that convey a powerful message. Our drone pilots use the best flying drones to capture beautiful aerial photographs that attract potential buyers. We verify FAA certification (also known as Remote Pilot Certificate or Commercial Drone Pilot License) of all our operators.

For a real estate agent, aerial photography is an important part of any successful marketing campaign. Our services can help convey your brand to potential clients, give potential real estate buyers a sneak peek at your properties before making an offer, create buzz about your location, and help increase awareness for investment nationwide. According to the latest industry news, the market for Real Estate aerial Photography is expected to grow exponentially in the near future.

With the aerial photos for real estate and aerial video services we provide, you get the advantage of capturing beautiful, high-resolution shots from above. We also offer professional editing services to make sure your drone real estate photos and videos look amazing showcasing all the unique interior and exterior features and amenities of the property such as pools, tennis courts, or an expansive yard. This way, your real estate listings stand a good chance of getting noticed by the right clients. Free yourself from the hassle of hiring expensive scaffolds and cranes to capture top-down bird’s eye views of your land and commercial properties. Ensure that your business stays ahead of the competition by partnering with a professional drone photography company today.

Our top priority is customer service — if you have any questions about our drone business or our capabilities, please contact us. Looking for a drone operator that works with the best drones and can help you attract prospective buyers for your property?

We look forward to working with you!

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Customizable Landing Page Templates

Our drone services offer many advantages. Customers who purchase a Real Estate Drone Photos and Videos Package from DroneVideos.com, will automatically receive 2 pre-generated templates to showcase a branded & unbranded template (specially made for MLS websites).

Real estate agents and companies will have the ability to create custom templates for their projects allowing them to:
• Add in high quality imagery, logos, your picture and contact details, descriptions and much more.
• Customize everything on the template including fonts, colors and text.
• Share on Social Media with the built in Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn share buttons.
• Easily copy and paste the templates to any other social media or website of your choice.
Most importantly, all of the real estate templates you receive are SEO Friendly. The link to the template includes the address which Google takes into consideration when listing results in their search engine.
The Branded Template and Custom Template have a “Powered by DroneVideos.com” logo on the bottom, which includes your affiliate code. This means if someone views your template, clicks on the DroneVideos.com logo and makes a purchase on DroneVideos.com, you will receive 10% commission on all of their purchases forever!
MLS Unbranded Template
Branded Template
Custom Template
MLS Unbranded Template
Branded Template
Custom Template
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