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Los Angeles Drone Service

Drone videos and photographs give you a different view of your subjects, whether it’s your big commercial real estate project, construction progress update, mapping, or solar panel inspection. Whatever you’re shooting, you get a whole new and fresh perspective — a bird’s eye view like you’ve never seen before.

We offer professional drone services in all of Los Angeles, from Northridge, Hollywood, to San Pedro. Get aerial footage of your subject taken by FAA certified experts and enjoy custom footage tailored to your needs. If you live in a different city, worry no more. We provide drone services in all California!

Aerial Photography

Our certified photographers will fly premium quality drones anywhere around Los Angeles to capture great images of your subject — whatever it may be. Capture magazine-quality memories of people, places, or events with us.

Drone Video

Need to up your marketing game? Want to shoot places, people, and events from a bird’s-eye perspective? We’ve got you. Our drones take crisp, 4K high definition videos of any subject, yielding engaging and attractive videos that give the viewer a full experience.

Inspection Services

Need to take a look at your project’s progress from a bigger perspective? Our high-quality premium drones can capture every little detail in photos and videos, giving you a clear and wider view of your subject.

How Our Aerial Drone Services Work

We are dedicated to capturing your subjects in their best light, helping you make insightful decisions for your projects, inspect your progress, or merely just capture your memories. Our drones are high quality, able to yield 4K HD photos and videos that you need.

We can shoot anything and everything throughout Los Angeles with expert operators and photographers flying our drones. We pride ourselves on fast turnaround times so that you can get your high-quality output immediately and with the least expenses.

Because we are dedicated to providing you with quality output, we are flexible enough to adapt and tailor our services to provide your needs. Whatever your unique project demands, we can deliver.

So how do you get started? Contact us today and complete these three easy steps. After that, we’re all good to go!

    1. Tell us about your project and order your package instantly online
    2. We’ll schedule a flight
    3. Download your aerial imagery within 24 hours following the shoot


Different Industries We Work In

Our experience and services span a wide range of different industries. Wherever you are in LA and for whatever purpose or project, we’re the ones to call.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Position your listings in the best light by taking high-quality images that showcase the features of your property and the surrounding landscape. Professionally-taken shots will increase the chances of you selling your property for a high value.


Take aerial photos to showcase the entirety of your project. With 4K HD resolution photos and videos, you have a view of all the little details in your construction site, helping you make decisions and report your progress.

Roof Inspections

View the hard-to-reach angles of your home with ease and spot problems before they get worse! Drone videos help you inspect your roof and the entirety of your home from a bird’s-eye perspective. For roofing businesses, drone shots can improve your services and position your company as a thought leader in your niche.

And Much More

Whatever industry you are in or for whatever business purpose you need aerial shots for, you can rely on us to deliver. We tailor-fit our services and methodologies to suit your needs so that we can deliver premium drone footage to assist you in your ventures.

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