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  • Community Colleges Offering Drone Courses at Affordable Rates

    Countries like Germany and Norway have been setting the bar for providing the highest quality education in the world. Teachers are well paid and respected and work in schools with an unparalleled student to teacher ratio. This commitment to excellence in education extends beyond primary and secondary schools to university levels. Both Germany and Norway... Read More

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  • India Embracing Drone Technology

    Over the last year and a half, the majority of drone related news coming out of India had to do with drones being used in conflicts along the India, China, Pakistan border. Marking a change of pace and progress, drones started being used in a more publicly beneficial manner in the summer of 2021 in... Read More

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  • Hyundai Motor Company Working on a Hydrogen Powered Trailer Drone

     The world needs to find long term alternate fuel sources. Fossil fuels, our primary energy source, are nonrenewable and harming the environment. President Biden has begun a campaign that will see some of the United State’s energy sources transferred to wind farms. Meanwhile, in South Korea, the government has committed to exploring the use... Read More

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  • United States Navy’s 5th Fleet Testing Out New Drone Technology

    On April 28, 1944, the United States Navy established the 5th Fleet as a naval stronghold in the Pacific Ocean. It was deactivated two years after WWII ended. On July 1, 1995, the fleet was reinstated to address growing tensions in the Persian Gulf. Headquartered out of Bahrain, the 5th Fleet maintains a presence in... Read More

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  • Run Down Historic Building, Griffin Lodge in England Getting a Drone Inspection Before Being Converted Into a Hospital

     England has become famous for the many historical buildings and parks that are strewn over the nation’s 50,346 sq miles. One such example is St. Martin’s Church in Canterbury that dates back to 597AD and is the oldest continuously running church in England. A building of great religious and cultural importance, St. Martin’s Church... Read More

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  • Qualcomm Flight RB5 5G Platform Brings Cutting-Edge Capabilities to the Drone Industry

     Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Qualcomm’s patents have been critical in the development of 4G, 5G, and other mobile communication standards. Since 2015, Qualcomm has been developing communication platforms for drones as well. When NASA began developing the Ingenuity, the first drone to be used on Mars, they had many hurdles to overcome. One... Read More

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