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  • Minnesota to Begin Using Drones For Bridge Inspections

    Minnesota in the Upper Midwest of the United States has several state nicknames.  It is called The Gopher State, The Agate State, The North Star State, The True Star State, The State of Hockey, and most commonly The Land of 10,000 Lakes.  With so many lakes crossing through Minnesota there is an equally large number... Read More

  • Norway to Use Drones to Help Clean Up Waste From Their Oceans

    Fjords are long narrow waterways with steep cliffs along their edges created from glacial movements.  They can be found through much of the land formations closest to the polar regions of the globe.  Norway is particularly known for their large concentration of stunning fjords.  Comprising the western and northern border of the Scandinavian Peninsula, Norway... Read More

  • Amazing Video of a Drone Racing a Roller Coaster

    Professional drone racers are able to complete some pretty fantastical feats with their drones.  Watching them race their drones though extreme obstacle courses can be thrilling.  One drone racer is now making headlines not because of his skill against other drone pilots on a course, but because of how he raced his drone against a... Read More

  • Disposable Delivery Drone Ready For Military and Civilian Disaster Relief

    For quite some time now, the American public has been teased with the possibility of having small merchandise shipped directly to their homes by drones.  Many European, and some American cities have been running small scale trial operations for drone based deliveries from restaurants to pharmacies.  In North Carolina, UPS and Matternet have been successfully... Read More

  • Before Flying a Drone, Make Sure You Know the Rules & Regulations

    Anyone can buy a drone today.  For many drones in the toy category there is no need to be licensed or have the drone registered.  If you plan to buy a hobby or larger camera drone vor any commercial purposes, in public spaces, or for racing, then you must meet regulations set forth by the... Read More

  • Solar Powered Drones to Provide High Speed Internet & More

    Drones come in a wide variety of sizes with an equally wide range of uses.  From micro insect spy drones to compact toy drones, from compact HD camera equipped drones to massive military drones, the options are endless.  One goal several companies have tried achieving with drones is to build one that can withstand extended... Read More

  • “SoFar”, the Open Source, Underwater Drone

    Almost anyone can afford to buy a drone these days.  Drone quality continues to rise while their prices become more affordable.  Toy drones can range from $5-$200 while drones with cameras can be found starting at around $200.  There is so much that can be done with these drones, the sky is literally the limit. ... Read More

  • Many Countries Around the World Are Using Drones to Protect Their Borders

    Recently, Europe experienced an immigration crisis that saw more that 1 million immigrants cross over European borders.  Most of these immigrants came from Africa and the Middle East, and many are still fleeing to Europe daily.  In an effort to help maintain border policies and safety, the European Union adopted a new plan to help... Read More

  • Farmers Using Drones to Save the Lives of Deer

    In much of the North Eastern United States, overpopulation of deer has become an issue.  In New Jersey deer populations have lead to $8 million in loss for soybean farmers, added to a jump in Lyme disease cases, and caused a reported over 25,000 car accidents in one year.  It has gotten to the point... Read More

  • The “Smash 2000” is a New Military Device to Stop Rogue Drones

    For many of us, the first time the public started hearing about drones on a regular basis was in 2002 when the US military used the Predator drone in attacks against Osama bin Laden.  With the successes the US military found using the Predator, drones and the military became common news.  Since then, the use... Read More

  • Underwater Drone Finds Shipwreck Worth An Estimated $17 Billion

    Who wouldn’t want to stumble across a treasure?  It’s like asking someone if they want to win the lottery, of course they do.  But there is something truly fascinating about finding a treasure that has been long lost, regardless of the fortunes the treasure could bring.  Being able to reclaim a piece of history and... Read More

  • Hybrid Drones Using Batteries and Fuel to Extend Flight Times

    There is the age old question, what came first the chicken or the egg?  Scientists have finally given us an answer.  Technically, though not simply, it was the egg.  A similar question can be posed when thinking of how a drone is designed.  What comes first the drone or the battery?  For a drone to... Read More

  • Farmers Using Drones to Rid Their Crops of Invasive Insects

    Farmers around the world often have to deal with unpredictable elements.  Droughts and storms can lead to low productions, but fortunately most farmers have learned how to prepare and accommodate accordingly for weather.  One of the biggest issues all farmers face is crop loss from invasive pests.  Farmers expect to always lose some of their... Read More

  • Drones Being Used to Monitor Crowds During College Football Games

    As summer winds down and fall approaches it’s time to start thinking of all the joys the autumn season brings.  From cooler temperatures, colorful leaves, and everything pumpkin spice flavored there is a lot to look forward too.  One of the most anticipated fall occurrences in the United States is most certainly the beginning of... Read More

  • UPS Partners Up With Matternet to Create a Drone Delivery System

    Not long ago, UPS partnered up with Matternet to begin a drone delivery system.  The groundbreaking partnership took place in Raleigh, NC on the WakeMed hospital campus.  In conjunction with the FAA, UPS and Matternet began transporting medical samples with drones across the expansive Raleigh medical campus.  Traditionally these medical samples would be transported by... Read More

  • Throwflame Creates a Flamethrower for Drones

    Earlier this summer the company Throwflame had a bit of a viral moment when they launched a drone with a flamethrower attached to it.  Throwflame is a company that specializes in flamethrowers and the accessories needed to operate them for a variety of reasons.  The majority of the flamethrowers they sell are used for commercial... Read More

  • A Drone Captures the FBI Raiding Jeffrey Epstein’s Private Island

    In 1998, Jeffrey Epstein purchased an island of the coast of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands.  The island known officially as Little St. James is roughly 78 acres that was sold to Epstein through his LLC called L.S.J for $7.95 million.  In 2016, he bought the larger neighboring island, Great St. James, for $18... Read More

  • Boxfish ROV is An Amazing Underwater Drone

    In 2016, Ben King and Craig Anderson founded Boxfish Research with the purpose of finding the best way to explore underwater environments.  Based out of New Zealand they describe themselves as “A bunch of enthusiastic kiwi explorers, divers, engineers & software developers with a passion for pushing the boundaries of what is believed to be... Read More

  • Rescue Workers Using Drones After Tornadoes to Locate and Save Lives

    There are many names for one of natures most destructive forces.  They are called tornadoes, twisters, cyclones, or whirlwinds.  Whatever you call them, they can wreck unimaginable havoc.  If you look up the definition of a tornado you will find the description, “a localized, violently destructive windstorm occurring overland, especially in the Middle West, and... Read More

  • Using Drones to Monitor Cemeteries in Europe

    Once again there has been an increase in anti-Semitisim in Europe.  In Northwestern England a prominent Jewish headstone was vandalized, along with windows and other structures in the cemetery.  In a Jewish cemetery in France close to 80 headstones were desecrated when vandals painted swastikas on them.  For much of the 46 countries throughout Europe,... Read More

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