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  • Neighbors Complaining About the Sound of Drones

    Drone deliveries may become a convenient way to get packages across town. They may be used to fly directly to the target’s location without having to deal with traffic and the pilot doesn’t even have to leave home. Many deliveries in the future will be made using drones but the technology is experiencing a new... Read More

  • Nottingham Researchers Show How Drones Can Help Monitor Climate Change

    A new study aimed at assessing the impact of woody vines, called lianas, on the global carbon balance has been published earlier this month in the “Journal of Applied Ecology”. The article helps to shed some new light on climate change. Using a lightweight, commercially available drone and camera, a team of researchers at the... Read More

  • Delivering Transplanted Organs With the Help of Drones

    A surgeon in Baltimore is suggesting that drones should be used to deliver organs to hospitals in different states and cities, when an organ transplant is necessary.  Research into delivering organs with the use of drones has been conducted at the University of Marlyand Medical Center for over three years and the program is led... Read More

  • Hole Digging Drone Designed to Probe Hostile Environments

     The number of services that drones can provide is increasing at an exciting rate. A new drone developed by NIMBUS, a research group from the University of Nebraska, has been designed to be launched from a plane, fly to a particular location, drop down to the ground, dig a hole, leave sensors in the... Read More

  • Drone Parachute Deployment System Passes Safety Certification

     Allowing a drone to fly over crowded areas allows for interesting applications such as crowd safety monitoring and news gathering. The problem, is that if the drone loses power or control, it can become a serious safety hazard to the people it’s flying over. Strict regulations imposed by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)... Read More

  • New Rules for Drone Operators in Canada

    Transport minister Marc Garneau has issued new regulations to all drone operators in Canada. All drone operators are now required to register their drones and participate in an online test for certification. This announcement means that drone users will now have to pass this certification test to continue operating them. The regulations range from piloting... Read More

  • Finding Land Mines With the Help of Drones

    One the nightmares from the Afghan war is still making life difficult for the locals. The landscape is still littered with butterfly mines, which are a type of landmine, that were dropped in the area over the course of several wars. These particularly nasty mines are known to kill and cripple children who mistake the... Read More

  • First Drone Delivery of Vaccines on the Island of Vanuatu

    To many parents living in urbanized and developed neighborhoods, a 25-mile walk to the closest clinic for their child’s vaccinations is unheard of. But there are many people who live in remote parts of the world that are inaccessible via cars and delivery trucks.  But thanks to a specialized drone, making medical deliveries can now... Read More

  • Drone Use Increases in the Oil and Gas Industry

    A lot of industries such as oil and gas are now using drones for many applications. These unmanned aerial vehicles have helped the industry save time and money. Also, drones have improved safety and efficiency of the oil sites. The data provided by drones shows that the technology is bound to transform the oil and... Read More

  • Rain Disrupted NYPD’s Plans To Use Drones On New Year’s Eve

    The New York Police Department (NYPD) was forced to abandon plans to deploy drones during the 2019 New Year’s Eve celebrations in Times Square. The cancellation was caused by extreme weather that included both strong winds and heavy rain.  In the days before the celebrations, the NYPD had announced plans to deploy a drone as... Read More

  • European Authorities Devise Regulations for Commercial Use of Drones

    As the e-commerce industry continues to grow, drones will gain more potential to cut down the cost, time, and energy required for the countless deliveries made online every single day. But before there’s a thriving commercial drone delivery system in Europe, especially in the crowded urban areas, it’s necessary to have a set of regulations... Read More

  • Are Drone “Taxis” the Next Evolution for Drone Technology?

    As far back as 1923, futurists were envisioning flying cars over American cities solving the traffic problem many large cities currently face. If Matt Chansen gets his way, we could be one step closer to those futuristic predictions. Only that it won’t be cars flying over the cities. Instead it will be drones that will... Read More

  • New Drone That Can Fly, Swim, and Dive Underwater

     From aerial surveillance to disaster relief, drone applications are plenty. But now, researchers are working on designing drones that can be operated both in the air and under water.  Embedded Systems Research Laboratory at Oakland University has come up with a fully functional drone called Loon Copter, that can not only fly in the... Read More

  • This Drone Can Transport 200 Pounds of Weight With Ease

    A Kentucky based company, Mobile Recon Systems, has announced a new drone called ‘Dauntless’ which is capable of lifting and transporting over 200 lbs of weight. This report comes a few years after the launch of their previous drone called KittyHawk, which was a quadcopter that was designed to carry up to 3 GoPro cameras.... Read More

  • New Drone Has Shape Shifting Capabilities

     A team of researchers at the University of Zurich have developed a drone that can shrink and retract in size while flying in order to pass through holes and small gaps. The drone has four arms which can all be folded independently whenever needed, for example, during rescue missions where space is too limited... Read More

  • Police Release 2 People Arrested Over Gatwick Airport Drones Without Charges

    Two people previously arrested over drone sightings at Gatwick Airport have been released without charges. This is according to a statement released by Sussex Police. The statement, which was published on the Sussex Police website, “I am satisfied that they’re no longer suspects in the drone incidents at Gatwick.” The people arrested were 47 year... Read More

  • Drones Will Be Used for Refueling Fighter Jets by 2024

    Boeing has recently secured a multi-million dollar contract from the US Navy to deliver drones that can refuel fighter jets mid-flight. The drones have been named MQ-25A Stingray. This latest development aims to solve one of the main problems the US Navy has been trying to tackle for a while: how to efficiently refuel their... Read More

  • Drones Will Soon Deliver Emergency Medical Supplies in India

    India may soon use drones for transporting emergency medical supplies. Senior health officials are working on this plan in order to beat the country’s ever-increasing traffic problem and deliver organs to the patients who need them faster than ever. New Drone Operation Regulations On the Horizon The idea of using drones for delivering medical material... Read More

  • Turning Bumblebees Into Drones

    Research engineers at the University of Washington have recently announced they can leverage nature’s flying machines – insects – to operate live drones. They believe bumblebees in particular can prove as a strong and light power source to keep their drones in flight non-stop for up to seven hours. The team of research engineers Sawyer... Read More

  • Zomato Plans to Use Drones for Its Food Delivery Service in India

    India’s government has put together its Drone Regulations 2.0 policy. This policy is geared towards private sector businesses. Drones will be used as taxis or delivery vehicles, and the latest policy approves their use starting in March 2019. For a country like India, which is still in the nascent phase of drone technology, food delivery... Read More

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