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  • Drones Can Help Mining Companies Rescue Their Workers After a Mine Collapse

    Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are well known for their role in enhancing search and rescue operations by public safety agencies and first responders.  But UAVs can also play a similar role in private sector emergencies.  One such emergency is when a mine collapses and workers are trapped inside.  Companies concerned about the fate of their... Read More

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  • Drone Pioneers Zipline and Wingcopter Are Preparing to Expand Their Aerial Deliveries

    Two of the world’s leading drone delivery companies are spreading their wings this month.  San Francisco-based Zipline, which pioneered the use of UAVs for emergency medical supply deliveries in Rwanda back in 2016, is continuing to make a fresh mark in the retail sector.  Last week, the eight-year old company began drone flights of food... Read More

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  • Atlantic City Acquires Drones to Protect and Rescue Beachgoers

    First responders in Atlantic City, NJ are planning to acquire a fleet of drones to patrol the city’s 20-mile coast line next summer. The move is intended to enhance their ability to identify dangerous rip tides and to bring more timely assistance to boaters and swimmers in peril. The Atlantic City Beach Patrol announced its... Read More

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  • Drones in Construction: A Critical Asset

    Construction is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the drone industry – indeed, #1, according to some surveys.  The sector’s exponential growth tracks with the phenomenal expansion of the construction industry itself.  For example, in California, construction is the state’s fastest growing industry, regularly adding 7% or more employees to its workforce annually.  Globally, the... Read More

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  • The Rise of Drone Corridors: Medical Supply Deliveries Are Leading the Way

    Drone corridors are an increasingly popular way for unmanned aerial vehicles to make remote deliveries without fear of colliding with manned aircraft or other drones.  Some drone corridors – also known as drone “highways” – are being tested over long distances.  The FAA-approved NUAIR drone corridor in upstate New York is 50-miles long with an... Read More

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  • Water Sampling Drones Are In Growing Demand

    Drones have many useful roles to play in the area of environmental hazard detection and remediation.  One of the least known is the growing use of drones for water sampling collection and analysis.  This is potentially a multi-modal intervention; the same work can be conducted by an aerial drone or by an underwater drone (or... Read More

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  • Vertiports Critical to the Future of Achieving Scale in the Drone Industry, Experts Say

    Drones, like any aircraft, need a place to launch and land.  While conventional manned airplanes typically use runways and airports, drones, operating in congested urban areas, don’t have that luxury.  To carry goods or passengers from a store parking lot,  building rooftop, or maybe a client’s backyard, drones will need smaller self-contained spaces geared to... Read More

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  • Summerville, South Carolina’s Police Department Acquires Its First Drones

    As more and more members of the public learn what drones can do to speed commerce, enhance public safety and protect the environment, support for drone use continues to grow.  But not everywhere.  Some states, especially in the deep South, continue to lag behind others in their acceptance of drones.  South Carolina is one such... Read More

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  • DJI’s First-Ever Delivery Drone Will Soon Be Flying in North America

    China-based DJI, the world’s largest drone producer, has just received approval from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to bring its first-ever delivery drone, FlyCart 30, to North America. The drone, first unveiled in China in August 2023, supports two modes of delivery: a cargo box and a winch crane system. It could be a game-changer.... Read More

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