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  • South Korea to Use Drones For Security During the Winter Olympics

    South Korea will be turning to drones for extra security during the Winter Olympics that it will host. The drones that will be used are capable of firing Kevlar nets and will be used as a security precaution because of the recent tension between North Korea and South Korea. The host city, Pyeongchang is less... Read More

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  • Dedrone Provides Security From Drone Attacks

     The New York Mets are working hard to secure the airspace around Citi Field stadium. They hired a company called Dedrone whose job is to protect the airspace from malicious drones.  Citi Field is only a mile away from LaGuardia airport in New York, and like many other stadiums, has a no-fly zone policy.... Read More

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  • North Carolina to Begin Using Drones To Deliver Medical Supplies

    After being widely used in European and African countries to deliver medical supplies, drones might begin to do the same in North Carolina. This is subject to the approval of a bid by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) to be part of a federal test program. Charity Begins at Home NCDOT is working... Read More

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  • Ecosystem Restoration Startups Use Drones to Plant Trees

     Climate change is a huge problem that the world is currently facing. But did you know that by simply planting trees, we can make a difference?  Trees help to reduce pollution.  They can also improve the quality of the air, reduce erosion and provide shelter for animals. As it turns out, “ecosystem restoration” is... Read More

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  • Why Large Drones Can Fly Longer

    Drones come in many different sizes. They range from the small versions the size of your palm to larger ones the size of a small car. While their speeds and size of cargo they can carry are important factors to consider when buying one, there is something quite interesting about their flight times. Contrary to... Read More

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  • Teenage Boys Rescued By a Lifesaving Drone in Australia

     Two teenagers who were swimming in the ocean were rescued by a drone in New South Wales (NSW), Australia. This happened while lifeguards were testing and learning how to use the new lifeguard drone equipment.  The boys, aged 15 and 17 and were truly lucky that the drone was available when the incident occurred. ... Read More

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  • Minnesota Turning to Drones for Bridge Inspections

    Bridges are built to last for decades, but sooner or later, they develop weaknesses which if not looked into, can be disastrous. Unfortunately, many people have lost their lives or sustained serious injuries when bridges have collapsed. Bridge inspections can be a tedious and costly process, which has led the state of Minnesota to turn... Read More

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  • Archaeologists Plan To Use Drones In Mapping Historic Jamestown

    The DJI Phantom 4 was recently launched by archaeologist David Givens and Bob Chartrand to survey a historical site. This took place at Smith field – a grassy area on Jamestown Island in Virginia. The drone is helping the archaeologist discover new information about its history.  Back in 1607, Captain John Smith was one of... Read More

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  • Boeing Unveils Huge Autonomous Cargo Drone

     Many people’s expectations of a delivery drone is a small, portable quadcopter that descends at their doorstep with a faint buzz, depositing goodies they’ve ordered  online, then zooming back to the store. Indeed, there are already prototypes pitched and developed by the likes of Amazon and DHL, but Boeing is about to change the... Read More

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  • Drones Can Now Navigate Autonomously by Learning from Bicycles and Cars

    Current commercial drones use GPS to navigate above building roofs and high altitude terrains. However, GPS guided drones do not have the capability to safely navigate autonomously at low attitudes in dense, unstructured streets with pedestrians, cyclists, and cars crisscrossing in their way. But that is probably going to change real soon. Researchers at the... Read More

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