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  • Researchers Use Drones to Sterilize Mosquitoes to Fight Zika Virus

    Mosquitoes are capable of infecting humans with diseases such as malaria and dengue. But perhaps the scariest infection you can get from a mosquito is the Zika virus. The virus erupted to a global emergency level a few years back, but one Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) is hoping to prevent spreading of this mosquito-borne disease by... Read More

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  • Drones To Help Declutter Earths Orbital Space

    Have you ever wondered what would happen if a communication satellite runs out of power? Well, no need to worry about it because some startups are addressing this issue.  Satellites occupying valuable space in orbit will now get a new lease on life. Effective Space is a British aerospace company that plans to launch a... Read More

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  • Australian Telco To Use High Altitude Drones For Broadband Services

    Australian based company, Telstra, has shown a renewed “interest” in the possible use of high-altitude drones or balloons to internet services. They are looking at using this as a long-term alternative for satellite-based broadband services.  As one of Australia’s leading providers of broadband internet for regional and remote users, drones instead of satellites will be... Read More

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  • Sea Diving Drones to Explore Beneath Antarctic Ice

    The weather-smoothed, bright surfaces of Antarctica’s ice might look innocent and inviting, but deep under that lies the darkest landscape you will find anywhere on earth. Most of these places have never been explored or even visited by people before. The melting water underneath Antarctica has carved out amazing caves and inverted canyons that reach... Read More

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  • Drones Are The Future of Precision Farming Says Experts

    Farmers who are looking for better ways to monitor their crops or survey several acres of land will need to consider the possibilities of using agricultural drones.  Drones are getting more popular with each passing day and many businesses are starting to reap the benefits of these robotic devices. In construction, architecture, engineering, transportation and... Read More

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  • GoPro Cuts Nearly 300 Jobs as it Quits the Drone Business

    GoPro is quitting the drone business and will be slashing about 20% of its staff. The founders are reportedly exploring a possible sale of its business after low demand for its products. The company had about 1,254 employees as of Sept 30, but it’s now cutting that down to less than 1,000. Nicholas Woodman, the... Read More

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  • New Jersey Lawmakers Vote to Ban Intoxicated Drone Operators

    Have you ever wondered about the different types of drone owners flying drones around your neighborhood? While many follow the rules and laws, unfortunately there’s always a group of people who don’t.  It’s normally this group of people who don’t care, that give the rest of the law abiding drone operators a bad name.  In... Read More

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  • Over One Million Drones Have Been Registered In the United States

    The number of drones registered has now hit a new milestone, according to a new report released recently. The Federal Aviation Administration has now registered over one million drones. The registration process has been running for two years, a period that has witnessed tremendous growth. The report that was released during the Annual Consumer Electronics... Read More

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  • Intel Sets New Guinness World Record by Flying 100 Drones Indoors

    Intel is quite fond of showing off its technology and this time, it even set a new Guinness World Record in the process. The Silicon Valley technology giant has been involved in a race with the fellow global competitor, Qualcomm over the development of technology that allows drones to be operated indoors. 100 Drones at... Read More

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  • Drones are a Growing Threat in the US, Security Experts Warn

    Col. Patrick Duggan is the commander of Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall in Arlington, Virginia. His career has taken him to Afghanistan and Iraq, and now he is a base commander in Washington and is worried about illegal drone flights over the capital. His fears are not unfounded. Duggan believes that drones are a growing security... Read More

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