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  • Summerville, South Carolina’s Police Department Acquires Its First Drones

    As more and more members of the public learn what drones can do to speed commerce, enhance public safety and protect the environment, support for drone use continues to grow.  But not everywhere.  Some states, especially in the deep South, continue to lag behind others in their acceptance of drones.  South Carolina is one such... Read More

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  • DJI’s First-Ever Delivery Drone Will Soon Be Flying in North America

    China-based DJI, the world’s largest drone producer, has just received approval from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to bring its first-ever delivery drone, FlyCart 30, to North America. The drone, first unveiled in China in August 2023, supports two modes of delivery: a cargo box and a winch crane system. It could be a game-changer.... Read More

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  • Bees, Flies and Beetles: “Bug-Bots” Are Coming to Drone World

    Miniaturization is the wave of the future, affecting every industry imaginable.  Even the diminutive world of drones is about to get smaller. UAVs as tiny as insects are now being developed for a wide range of uses, from military spying to farm management and construction inspections.  “Bug-bots” modeled on bees and flies can be powered... Read More

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  • Autonomous Soaring Can Boost the Range and Endurance of Small Drones, Researchers Find

    Many bird species in the natural world are capable of soaring within thermal updrafts for extended periods without flapping their wings.   Their ability to conserve energy and fly continuously over long distances – sometimes, even while sleeping – has fascinated drone designers looking for a way to extend the flight range of drones that must... Read More

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  • Skydio Seeks to Enhance Law Enforcement’s Ability to Track and Capture Criminal Suspects

    Law enforcement agencies have begun taking to drones with a vengeance:  Some 1,500 or more nationwide now deploy drones in a variety of critical roles, including search-and-rescue missions and crime scene analysis.  But perhaps no role keeps the public safer than catching criminal suspects, sometimes in the act, but just as often, after they flee... Read More

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  • Scientists Turn to Drones for Help Finding Meteorites

    Comets and meteors are easy to spot at night as they streak across the sky.  But finding them after they crash is a persistent challenge.  Scientific field teams often spend days on end searching for the remains of meteorites, with only vague estimates of their likely landing sites.  Sometimes they come up empty. Now, they’re... Read More

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  • Small Town USA is a Hotbed of Drone Innovation

    When it comes to acquiring drones, it’s rarely a state’s big cities that establish themselves as pioneers.  One reason?  The presence of nearby airports.  Federal regulations prohibit drone flying within 5 miles of a major airport and many big city officials are leery of creating havoc for air traffic controllers by authorizing the use of... Read More

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  • Drones and COVID-19:  A Crucible Experience

    America’s burgeoning drone industry got its start more than a decade ago and has been growing steadily ever since.  But the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 proved to be a major catalyst to its development.  In March of that year, governments and private companies alike began turning to drones to deliver vaccines, masks... Read More

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  • Study Finds Persistent Barriers to the Adoption of Drone Technology in Indian Agriculture

    Drones can play a powerful role in modern agriculture by adding cost-saving precision to the aerial distribution of seeds, fertilizer and pesticides.  Rather than plant or spray an entire field, sensor-equipped drones can identify the areas most in need of support and dispense farm inputs accordingly.  And compared to difficult-to-recruit farm workers and gas powered... Read More

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  • Who Controls Drone Airspace? With Retail Deliveries Poised for Take-Off, Further Regulatory Review May Be Needed

    Can drones fly freely above private property, with the regulatory permission of the FAA, or do landowners have the right to limit drone access under state and local trespass law? It’s a thorny legal issue that has never quite been resolved.  In practice, under an informal agreement that’s come to be known as “cooperative federalism,”... Read More

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