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  • India Adopting Drones to Measure Pollutants and Air Quality

    Air pollution is a factor of life that most people living in or around cities have to deal with.  This poor air quality can have many long and short term effects on people.  It can cause nausea, headaches, dizziness, respiratory  diseases, heart disease, and lung cancer.  Often people don’t realize they are suffering from air... Read More

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  • Drones Are Helping to Eradicate a Foreign Invasive Weed Called the “Para Grass”

    Any homeowner can attest that one of the biggest challenges they face yearly is dealing with unsightly weeds on their property.  Treating for weeds is a never ending process.  At the beginning of each spring season a first round of treatment is needed.  Follow up treatments are usually needed to keep lawns weed free throughout... Read More

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  • Using Water Drones to Monitor For Earthquakes and Tsunamis

    In 1964, the largest earthquake to ever be recorded in North America struck just off the Prince William Sound called the Great Alaskan Earthquake.  With a momentum magnitude of 9.2 it led to a massive tsunami that we have since come to expect from these devastating earthquakes like the ones that happened in Indonesia in... Read More

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  • Benefits of Using Royalty Free Drone Videos in Your Next Project

    Royalty free drone videos are a simplified option for content creators. You only need to pay once and you’ll get unlimited use of the video.  Many people hear the term ‘Royalty free’ and assume that the videos are free. On the contrary, the word free is not referring to the price. Instead, ‘Free’ denotes the... Read More

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  • The Importance of Drone Safety Precautions Around Airports and Aircraft

    The United States of America has the busiest airspace in the world.  The FAA monitors 29 million square miles of airspace while 2.7 million passengers travel in the estimated 44,000 flights that cross the country daily.  That is more than 16 billion flights a year.  At peak travel times there can be up to 5,000... Read More

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  • Griffiss International Airport is an Official Drone Testing Site Managed by NUAIR

    In 1995, the Griffiss Air Force Base in Rome, NY closed down.  Eleven years later operations from the nearby Oneida County Airport were transferred over to Griffiss at which point it became the Griffiss International Airport, a small public airport with only one runway.  In 2012 about an hour away in Syracuse, NY NUAIR was... Read More

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  • The First Time an Ancestral Puebloan has been Documented in Detail with the Help of a Drone

    There are hundreds of Ancestral Puebloan communities scattered across the Four Corners Region of North America, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado.  These sites date back to around 12BC.  In the late 1880’s Richard Wetherill, a rancher and trader became one of the first Anglo- Americans to explore and study these ancient developments.  Since then countless hours... Read More

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