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  • Inventor Creates Drone to Plant Trees

    As a teenager, Chrystoff Camacho took a trip to Guyana to visit his family.  While there he was struck by how much devastation the logging industry had inflicted on his native land.  Land that was once lush and fertile had become hard and barren.  When forests are cut down it is not only the loss... Read More

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  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Creates Cheetah Robots

    Located along the Charles River in Cambridge, Ma, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the top private research universities in the world.  One of the areas MIT is perhaps best known for is their advanced science, engineering, and robotics research labs.  One such lab at MIT is the Biomimetic Robotics Laboratory directed by... Read More

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  • Flight To Remember Foundation Creates Custom Drone Videos for those in Hospice

    Watching a loved one succumb to illness is one of the hardest experiences any human can ever go through.  We are lucky enough that we live in a world that is continually progressing in the field of medicine to lengthen and better our lives.  But, for far too many, the end comes too soon.  Thankfully... Read More

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  • Drones and Drone Accessories Make Amazing Holiday Gifts

    It is officially holiday count down time, and for many of us that means it is time to start thinking of creative gifts to wow our loved ones.  If you know someone who is a fan of tech gear a drone could be a great gift for them.  But knowing what type of drone or... Read More

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  • The Benefits of Using Drones for Real Estate Listings

    The real estate industry is an extremely competitive industry. Real estate agents and companies try to outdo each other in every way they can to ensure their listings are the most sought after. The use of drones in real estate is the latest industry that is seeing widespread growth, with every company trying to stand... Read More

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  • Artist Using a Drone as His Subject

    One of the most popular ways that drones are being used are to capture incredible images.  Film and photography with drones allow us to see the world from an entirely new perspective.  With the HD cameras that drones can support, some of the birds eye images they show us are truly mesmerizing.  However, one artist... Read More

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  • Amateur Photographer Captures Video of Whale Swimming Under Surfers

    Between apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram we are constantly being flooded with images and news stories.  For many photographers they hope and pray that one of the images they capture will go viral on some social media platform, launching their career.  For one young photographer that dream may have just come true.  18 year... Read More

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  • New York Announces Plans for a Drone Testing Facility

    Drone testing facilities are rapidly becoming more common, and for good reason too.  The drone industry is one of the fastest growing markets world wide.  Drones are being used in countless commercial enterprises.  It is estimated that over the next ten years drones will be creating more than 100,000 new employment opportunities and boosting the... Read More

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