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  • Nokia Creates Drones To Help During Emergencies

    On May 12, 1865 in Tampere, Finland the company Nokia was first founded.  In the 154 years that it has been operational, Nokia has operated a number of different industries.  In the beginning Nokia was a pulp mill that eventually expanded into electrical producers.  From the mid 60s to the early 90s the corporation was... Read More

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  • Skydweller Developing the World’s First Solar-Powered, Perpetual Flight Drone

    The use of drones for commercial enterprises is steadily growing.  Here in the United States of America the use of drones for deliveries are in the beginning stages of reality, while in parts of Europe they are fully operational.  Drones are being used in fields like search and rescue, security, and inspections as well.  The... Read More

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  • Using Drones to Scan the Internal Structures of the Egyptian Pyramids

    About 5 miles west of the Nile river in the desert city of Giza, Egypt lies the last remaining ancient wonder of the world, the Giza Pyramids.  At the site are the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Pyramid of Khafre, the Pyramid of Menkaure, the Great Sphinx, and smaller pyramid structures.  The Great Pyramid, also... Read More

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  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Has a Class on Programming Drones

    When the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was established in 1861 it adopted the Latin phrase “Mens et Manus” as it’s motto.  Translated to English this means “Mind and Hand”, a principle that the institution continues to uphold.  The private research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts holds the ranking of 7th most prestigious school in the United... Read More

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  • Astronaut to use a Digital Glove in Space to Control a Drone on the Moon

    It has been 47 years since NASA last led a mission to the moon.  The Apollo 17 mission lasted for 12 days in December of 1972.  NASA is projecting that their next lunar mission will be ready come 2024.  As part of their preparations for this mission the researchers at NASA are teaming up with... Read More

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  • Using Drones to Clear Snow

    Winter is coming, and along with its heaps of heavy snow.  Experts are already warning people to expect unusually strong snow storms this year.  While looking out a window at freshly fallen snow may be lovely and serene, it becomes a whole new story when you have to get out of your house.  Having to... Read More

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  • Bonsai AI Inc. Creates System to Teach Drones How to “Learn”

    Some may argue that with the continued advancement of drones in the workplace, human jobs are being lost.  However that is far from the case.  Many of the jobs that drones are being used for are ones that are too dangerous for humans to do.  These drones are filling the gaps in the workforce, not... Read More

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  • Using Underwater Drones to Find Missing World War 2 Submarines

    Armed with a passion for adventure and history, underwater explorers Tim Taylor and Christine Dennison have set out to solve the mysteries of lost US submarines.   Tim, the CEO and founder of Tiburon Subsea, has over 30 years of experience leading underwater expeditions.  Christine is the founder of Mad Dog Expeditions and is known... Read More

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  • LiDAR: (Light Detection and Ranging) Working in Conjunction with Drones

    It seems as if LiDAR technologies are having a huge moment right now.  LiDAR is being used in everything from self driving cars to autonomous drones.   LiDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging and it is a system of sending out pulses of light to create measurements.  The system measures how long it takes... Read More

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  • Using Drones to Combat Mosquito Born Illnesses

    It’s hard to believe that a creature about the size of your pinky nail, a mosquito, is the most deadly creature in the world.  The World Health Organization announced that nearly 7250,000 people a year die from diseases carried by mosquitoes.  Of these diseases, every year 200 million people get malaria leading to the deaths... Read More

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