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  • Drone Lands On British Warship and No One Seemed to Notice

    An unknown drone landing on a military ship is not the kind of thing that happens every day, but an even more bizarre in occurrence was a DJI Phantom drone landing on the largest British warship. The drone landed on the HMS Queen Elizabeth and even took a photo before it flew off. Strangely enough, ... Read More

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  • Drones Saving Lives During Emergencies From Storms

    Hurricanes and cyclones are difficult to predict. About three quarters of hurricane warnings turn out to be false alarms, but when tornadoes do occur, people generally have less than 15 minutes to prepare for the impeding storm. To help make more accurate predictions, as well as add to this lead time, meteorologists are now flying... Read More

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  • How Drones Can Change The Sports Entertainment Industry

    Personal drones are extremely popular right now. One issue though is that they are big, annoying, expensive. What they fail to anticipate, however, is that the latest drone technology will allow manufacturers to produce smaller, safer and quieter drones within the next couple of years. This new technology will open up new applications for commercial... Read More

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  • North Carolina Sets Laws to Prevent Drones Near Prisons

    Drones have become very popular and there is no denying that there are countless ways in which they can be used. Unfortunately though, this innovative gadget has also been used for illicit operations, whereby drugs and other items were being smuggled to inmates in prisons. This led the North Carolina’s Gov. Roy Cooper to pass... Read More

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  • Drones Used to Inspect Minneapolis Sewers

    Engineers across the country have put drones to good use for public projects, making it much easier and faster to spot problems. In Minneapolis, drones will be used to check for sewer problems from the sky. The new development is to be applied for smoke testing in sewers across neighborhoods in Minneapolis. A First for... Read More

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  • How Drones May Be the Future of Our Forests

    Drones could be helping Mother Nature get back on her feet. Case in point- a new UK-based startup, BioCarbon Engineering, has launched a green project involving drones and planting millions of trees. If it happens, we could be looking at a future where sustainability and technology go hand in hand! On a mission to combat... Read More

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  • The Future Of Drone Farming in Agriculture

    The pressure on farmers to produce higher food yields has continued to increase as the human population continues to grow. This has made technology an important tool in the quest to meet the ever rising demand for food. Many farmers now use different mobile apps to gather data and control machinery. This explains the increased... Read More

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  • The US Military Warns that it will Shoot Down Drones Flying Over Military Bases

    The Pentagon has cleared over 130 military bases across the country to down drones that are perceived as a threat to security and flight operations. Military analysts in the country have been concerned about the possible use of drones against the United States for espionage purposes. In line with this, the Pentagon has approved a... Read More

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  • What Features to Look For When Purchasing a Drone

    Drones have been a hot commodity for a while now. These small unmanned aircraft have opened new possibilities for enthusiasts of all kinds.
 The affordability of drones have serious aviators, hobbyists, and even photographers  looking to own a drone of their own.  Whatever your reasons for wanting to own a drone, there are several things... Read More

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  • Answers to the Most Common Drone Questions

    Drones, also called unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), have skyrocketed into the mainstream and are widely used for recreational and professional use. Think of a specific industry, and chances are you will find that drones are being used in some capacity. Drones have also become a recreational pastime, one that even children participate in. However, flying... Read More

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