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  • Drones Monitoring and Managing Farms and Crops

    Agricultural producers are quickly embracing revolutionary strategies to increase productivity to make farming a sustainable venture. Drones are on the front line of this revolution along with technology leaders and governments. Drones have shown a great potential in offering a high-efficiency solution to crop monitoring and crop management. Managing and monitoring large crop fields is... Read More

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  • How Drones Are Helping the French Catch Traffic Offenders

    After integrating into many sectors, drones are slowly buzzing their way into the law enforcement world. While thoughts of a police moving around with shoulder-based aerial “assistant drones” might sound farfetched, a police department in Bordeaux, France, has come up with a genuine real-time application to make the roads much safer with the use of... Read More

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  • United States Military Experimenting With Drone Missile Defense Against a North Korean Attack

    The Trump administration is concerned that America’s missile defense system set to protect the country from a North Korean attack is insufficient. Additionally, Congress is working on a strategy that will stop the missiles before they leave the North Korean airspace. In an interview, defense officials envision a stepped-up use of ultra-modern cyber-weapons that will... Read More

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  • Africa Uses Drones to Protect Local Elephants From Poachers

    For the past few years, Bathawk Recon Drones have flown over the national parks and game reserves of Malawi, Zimbabwe and South Africa as part of their national anti-poaching campaigns. Originally produced by local South African company UAV Drone Solutions (UDS), Bathawk drones can stay aloft for two and half hours, and can transmit video... Read More

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  • FAA Approves AT&T Drones in Puerto Rico To Help Restore Cellular Service

    The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on recently announced it had approved a request made by AT&T to fly a new drone that will help restore cellular service in the hurricane-hit Puerto Rico. The new unmanned autonomous aircraft developed by AT&T is known as Cell on Wings or the Flying Cow. It is the... Read More

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  • Tracking Rogue Drones With DJI’s New Aeroscope System

    Thanks to DJI’s new invention called “Aeroscope” it is now possible to track rogue drones in prohibited areas. The Aeroscope is a system that is capable of detecting drones flying within an airspace. The Aeroscope has already been deployed in Camarillo Airport in California, where it helps to stop drones from venturing into the airport’s... Read More

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  • How Drones Will Reshape Our Lives

    Drones are quickly becoming an integral part of our lives. Drone technology, having made unparalleled advancements in the military, surveillance, real estate, agriculture and deliveries among other applications, are starting to become mainstream. Visions of the science-fiction cities will soon be a reality. Picture a skyline of buildings with a fleet of flying drones weaving... Read More

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  • Red Bull Launches Into Drone Racing

    Red Bull has become one of the newest corporations to get into the drone racing industry. Red Bull hosted its first drone racing tournament this October at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Austria. Drone racing has grown from what used to be a backyard hobby in abandoned buildings into a mainstream sport that can... Read More

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  • New Drone Delivery System Called ‘DelivAir’ Launched

    Cambridge Consultants, a tech research company, recently unveiled a new concept for drone delivery systems called DelivAir. The system relies on GPS tracking to quickly identify the recipients location. But even more impressive is how the drone will find the correct customer who placed the order. When the DelivAir drone is near the delivery drop... Read More

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  • Are Drones A Threat to Commercial Aircraft?

    Drones are everywhere, and we can expect more to appear in the future. In fact, the Federal Aviation Administration estimates that there may be as many as 7 million hobby drones by 2020 in the United States. This may seem like good news, but drones can also be quite dangerous, especially when they collide with... Read More

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