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  • DJI Creates Wi-Fi Based Drone Tracking System

    In a move that’s meant to help concerns about unmanned traffic management, DJI, the major Chinese drone manufacturer, developed a new drone identification tracking system called Aerospace. Conceptually, Aerospace will be similar to the TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System) found on most aircraft. The major difference is that unlike the latter, Aerospace will operate on... Read More

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  • UK Scientists Have Developed a Drone that Shoots ‘Webs’ like Spider-Man

    Scientists in the United Kingdom have manufactured a drone that produces webs, just like the character in the popular science fiction film, Spiderman. This drone shoots out webs from four tubes located at its base. These webs allow the drone to attach itself to solid surfaces to maintain stability, however, research is ongoing on how... Read More

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  • San Diego Zoo Will Use Drone To Monitor Polar Bear Habitat

    Next month, San Diego Zoo Global researchers will use a custom made drone to observe polar bears in the Canadian arctic and study the effect of changing sea patterns on the animals. Previous studies of polar bears were limited because they relied on satellite images which was costly to operate and could not provide vivid... Read More

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  • Parrot Releases New Drones to Help With Disasters and Agriculture

    When a natural disaster occurs, the process of finding survivors is dangerous and most times difficult. There could be unstable debris, downed power-lines or obstructions on the ground preventing access. A 23-year-old French technology company called Parrot has modified the functionality of consumer drones for use in gathering data after a disaster. The company is... Read More

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  • Polaroid Launches 4 Budget Friendly Drones

    Polaroid recently released four new drones to commemorate the company’s 80th anniversary. The Polaroid-branded camera drones come in different sizes and technical specifications: PL1000, PL1300, PL2900, and the PL3000. The four camera drones are what the drone industry is referring to as “budget drones.” This means that their low price point will suit many consumers.... Read More

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  • Drones Being Used To Study Whales

    Can drones be used to take whale tissue samples? Scientists from Canada and the United States recently did just that.  They used special drones to collect various samples of microbes that live inside the breath of whales. These samples will allow scientists and researchers to better understand what makes whales healthy and what makes them... Read More

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  • Trump Administration Test Program to Expanded Drone Use

    As a result of the Trump administrations’ approval to increase the use of unmanned aircraft, some Americans could see more drones flying around their neighborhood. The new policy was recently launched to expand testing of drones by government and commercial organizations for day and night operations, including flights over people and those out of the... Read More

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  • Canada Prepares to Launch First Commercial Drones

    Imagine a future where drones take the place of delivery trucks and couriers—sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie doesn’t it? Well the reality is, something like this may not be so far off after all. Over the next four weeks, the indigenous Canadian residents of Moose Cree First Nation will be the first... Read More

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  • Indoor Drone Parks: Much Better Than A Video Game

    Nick Madincea and Marjorie Ferrone have a brilliant idea that is sure to make the next rainy day very exciting. The two Houston entrepreneurs have a dream of opening their own indoor drone park in Waco, Texas in a rented garage space that was once a Ford dealership. “Drone Parks Worldwide” would make a fun... Read More

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  • Amazon Patents Drone to Charge Electric Cars

    Who would have thought of drones as mobile refueling stations for electric cars? Amazon apparently. The tech company recently patented a new aerial EV recharging system that will recharge electric cars even when they’re on the road. As anyone who has driven electric cars knows, they lack the range of gas powered cars. They also... Read More

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