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  • Silent, Propellerless Drone Uses Ionic Wind to Fly

    A team of researchers from MIT may have found a new way of powering drones without the use of noisy propellers.  Their idea utilizes the principle of ionic wind.  Also known as ion wind, corona wind, or electric wind, it is an idea that has been around for centuries.  Ionic wind occurs when electrostatic forces... Read More

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  • Drone Training Facility to Open in Roswell, New Mexico

    Rumor has it that in 1947, a UFO crashed in Roswell, New Mexico.  By the late 1970’s curiosity and conspiracy theories about the supposed crash had abounded.  Many believe that whatever was discovered was transported to the Walker Air Force Base that was in operation from 1941-1967.  The city of Roswell has used the incident... Read More

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  • The Dangers of Flying Drones During Wildfires

    Drones are amazing tools that have many different purposes.  They can provide us with an amazing birds eye view of the world with stunning photographs and videos.  They can help us get to places that are hard to access.  They can make life more efficient by preforming difficult tasks.  Drones have been a huge help... Read More

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  • Water Based Drone Called “Saildrone” to Begin Data Collection of Our Oceans

    We constantly hear about drones taking to the skies and how they can make life easier for us.  But with the more than 70% of the earth’s surface being covered by oceans, drones have also proven to be a great water based tool as well.  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is pioneering the... Read More

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  • Local Police Department Embracing Drones as First Responders

    Across the United States of America the second Tuesday in August (with a few exceptions that celebrate on the second Tuesday of October) has been celebrated as National Night Out by thousands of communities.  It is a program that began in 1984 when 2.5 million residents from 400 communities simply sat outside with their neighbors... Read More

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  • FAA and Kittyhawk Team Up to Provide Real Time Information on Airspace Restrictions with B4uFly App

    It is almost impossible not to hear weekly news reports that have something to do with drones.  Drones have become such a major part of our world’s daily activities.  Between being used by personal hobbyists to military professionals and commercial operators, drones are everywhere.  As logistics companies get closer to solidifying transportation routes, drone deliveries... Read More

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  • Company Creates “Selfie” Drones

    Our society is obsessed with social media.  Meeting someone who isn’t on some social media platform is a rarity now.  Between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TickTock, Tinder, and much more we are connecting on so many levels.  And one of the biggest features of all of these sites is the aspect of connecting through visual images. ... Read More

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  • Marvel Franchise Releases Drone

    Young and old alike have fallen in love with the Marvel film franchise.  With a network of 22 films, and surely more to come, the films and it’s characters are some of the most popular of the super hero genre ever.  With the release of Avengers: Endgame in April 2019, the film broke box office... Read More

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  • Spain to Begin Using Drones to Monitor Traffic

    The beginning of August marks one of the busiest travel seasons in Spain.  This is the time when much of the country, along with visiting tourists, take summer holiday trips.  This year the Spanish government expects to see a 1.57% increase in traffic, about 47 million automobile travelers.  This poses a lot of concerns for... Read More

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