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  • Australian Entrepreneur, Creates a Flying Drone Race Car Company called Airspeeder

    In Robert Zemeckis’s 1989 classic film, Back to the Future II, he envisioned the future, specifically the year 2015, to be dominated by technology. Some of the technology predicted in the film has come true such as 3D films, wireless touch screen tablets, and live video conferencing. One of the most anticipated technological advances shown... Read More

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  • Author from Kentucky Writes a Children’s Book About a Drone Named Dewey

    Gregory W. Brock lives in Benham, Kentucky. A small town of fewer than 500 people in the eastern part of the state. And though he lives in a small quaint community, he has always had big dreams of becoming a published author. Ever since he was a young boy, books and stories were important to... Read More

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  • Dolly Parton’s, Dollywood Amusement Park Using Drones For Nighttime Entertainment

     Every year, millions of people visit amusement parks around the world, especially during the summer vacation months. Arguably the most famous of these parks in the US would be the Disney parks. Coming in as a top contender is Dollywood in the Knoxville Tennesse Smoky Mountains. Opened in 1986 by Dolly Parton and Herschend... Read More

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  • Coal Mines in South Africa Are Using Drones to Monitor Operations and Prevent Theft

    At one time South Africa was known for being the largest producer of diamonds and gold. Today, because of past controversial practices, diamond and gold mining has greatly decreased in South Africa. But mining is still one of the driving forces behind South Africa’s economic stability, specifically through coal. South Africa has some of the... Read More

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  • 2020 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony Featured 1,824 Drones

     Even though we are at the halfway point of Summer 2021, in Tokyo, Japan the 2020 Summer Olympics are finally underway. After having been postponed a whole year because of COVID-19, the 2020 Summer Olympic games have become one of the most widely controversial games ever. The postponement of the games, along with heated... Read More

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  • City of Sitges, Spain Using Drones to Monitor Their Beaches to Prevent Overcrowding and Reduce the Spread of Covid

    About 22 miles southwest of Barcelona, Spain, lies the idyllic coastal city of Sitges. Famous for the Sitges Film Festival, Carnival celebrations, and beautiful beaches, Sitges is often called the Saint-Tropez of Spain. The economy of Sitges is dependent on tourism with more than half of the hotels all ranked 4 stars or higher. Nearly... Read More

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  • Using Drones to Help Endangered Species

    As a young boy, Gerald Durrell dreamt of becoming an animal collector with his own zoo. By 1959, when Gerald was only 34 years old, his vision came to fruition with the establishment of the Jersey Zoo on the English Channel. Through his work at the zoo, various television programs, and books, Gerald helped shape... Read More

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  • Drone Company AgEagle Creates Drone Software to Help Hemp Farmers

    Bret Chilcott grew up in a rural Kansas community of only 786 people. As a kid, he earned money by helping out on local farms. He said that he spent every penny earned on model planes and flying lessons. This early obsession would lead him down a path to becoming one of the most successful... Read More

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