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  • Drones Used to Inspect a Stone Arch Bridge in Minnesota

    Intel recently announced a collaboration with Collins Engineers and the Minnesota Department of Transportation that will see drones being used to inspect the Stone Arch Bridge. Intel announced the collaboration earlier this month and they say that theyy plan to use the drones to evaluate the historic bridge and determine if any repairs are necessary.... Read More

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  • How Drones Will Be Used in the Future of the Film Industry

    Impossible to achieve photographic shots are now made possible by drones. Spectacular fly through shots aren’t an entirely new concept as there a couple of memorable occasions in the past where drones have left people amazed with unbelievable footage. A recent case in point is Vimeo’s Robert McIntosh who was able to obtain extraordinary images... Read More

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  • Drake’s Tour Features A Fleet of 200 Drones and a Flying Ferrari

     World-famous creative director Willo Perron took Drake’s latest tour to the next level, literally. The Aubrey & The Three Migos Tour, featuring the Canadian singer/rapper/songwriter was co-headlined by the hip-hop trio reigning from Georgia, Migos. The revolutionary show was brimming with high-tech, awe-inspiring visual tricks including tiny drones and an enormous helium drone. In... Read More

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  • Recent Military Drone Testing Passes With Flying Colors

    Military drones have just completed a successful testing in the Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona. The exercise is just part of one of the key programs the military is hoping to establish for future warfare. A mix of inter-connected and autonomous jets, drones, and ships will be tasked with infiltrating and defeating enemy targets.  The... Read More

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  • Singapore Using Drones To Deliver Packages

    Singapore, a modernized, hi-tech country, is making plans to deploy a swarm of drones for performing tasks that include the delivery of packages, building inspections, security, and much more. These drones are already being tested by companies on an area of land where the tests are expected to reveal any concerns the manufacturers may be... Read More

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  • Drones Used to Monitor UK’s Electrical Grid

    The National Grid of The United Kingdom has been using drone surveillance to monitor the status of the nation’s physical network. The job of these drones is to inspect the network of 7,000+ miles of overhead cables that span across England and Wales. The management of such scale of national infrastructure demands a lot of... Read More

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  • Cell Phone Jammers Added to Drones

    Since their introduction in 1995, drones have now become a main point of future warfare. Currently for military purposes, electronic jammers fitted on drones can be used to disrupt enemy drones on the battlefield. Drones can also be fitted with cellular disruption technology (jammers) to do a number of things, including calling in an air... Read More

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  • NYPD Adds 14 New Drones to Their Department

    Watch out all NYC outlaws, there’s a new sheriff in town who can fly and traverse every nook and cranny within the blink of an eye and without breaking a sweat. Actually, there are 14 new sheriffs, but they are not really sheriffs at all…instead they are a fleet of drones. This new fleet is... Read More

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  • Drone Company Creates Drone to Fights Fires and Cleans Skyscraper Windows

     A drone that can be used to both extinguish fires and wash windows of skyscrapers will be launched in the UK early next year. This release comes after its creators received a lot of interest from UK customers following the Grenfell Tower tragedy. Equipped with 14 motors, the drone can easily wash tall buildings... Read More

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  • Shark Detecting Drones To Protect Swimmers at Bondi Beach

    Earlier this month, a 33 year old man died from bite wounds following a shark attack in the water of Cid Harbour on Whitsunday Island, off the coast of Central Queensland, Australia. The man was swimming in Cid Harbour’s waters when he was fatally attacked by a shark. Two other swimmers were attached on Whitsunday... Read More

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