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  • Island in Tahiti Overrun With Rats to Be Exterminated With the Help of Drones

    In 1789, Fletcher Christian, the master’s mate of the Royal Navy’s HMS Bounty, led a mutiny against the ship’s captain, Lieutenant William Bligh. 143 years later, the story of the mutiny was popularized through the novel Mutiny on the Bounty. It was made into a film in 1935 starring Clark Gable. In 1962, the film... Read More

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  • Harrison County Fire Department Adds Aerials Drones and Underwater Drones To Their Arsenal of Tools

    When the Chula Vista Police Department in Southern California became the first law enforcement agency in the United States granted permission by the Federal Aviation Administration for a pilot drone program, they changed how law enforcement agencies utilize modern technology. Law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve, quickly recognized that drones were beneficial rather... Read More

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  • MLB’s All-Star Game in Denver Monitored By Drones

    Every year Major League Baseball, the oldest professional sports league in North America, has held an exhibition game between the National and American League. Known as the MLB All-Star Game, the players participating are selected by fans. The game is played for the love of baseball and its fans. Since the All-Star Game’s inauguration in... Read More

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  • The UK’s Royal Navy Established “NavyX” To Use Drones As Rescue Vehicles

    Ben Wallace, the United Kingdom’s Secretary of Defence said, “To assure our continued success on operations into the future it is vital that the Royal Navy continues to be equipped with the latest cutting-edge capabilities we need to address the rapidly evolving challenges that pose a threat to our national interests around the globe.” To... Read More

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  • Chinese Delivery App, Meituan, Using Aerial and Ground Drones For Last Mile Deliveries

     In Chinese, the word “mei” means beautiful, and the word “tuan” means together. When Wang Xing decided to build a platform that brought local consumers and merchants together, he merged the idea of beauty and togetherness into what would become a multi-billion dollar shopping platform called Meituan. In 2010, Meituan became available in cities... Read More

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  • More Towns Replacing Fireworks With Drones For 4th of July Celebrations

     On July 2, 1776, the Continental Congress voted to proclaim independence for the 13 American colonies that had been under the rule of Britain’s King George III. Two days later, independence was officially declared. The 4th of July has since become a joyous federal holiday in the United States of America. The holiday has... Read More

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