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  • Meet Paul and Susie: The World’s Most Satisfied Retail Drone Customers

     One of the frequently heard complaints about retail drone delivery is that aggregate consumer demand for the service remains weak.  It’s true: Amazon’s service, which finally got off the ground last December after years of delay, is still limping along, with at most several hundred drone deliveries to its credit. And Walmart, with 36... Read More

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  • In Maui, Many Are Asking:  Where Were the Drones?

    In 2019, Hawaii’s public electric company said it would conduct drone surveys across all of the state’s five islands to identify areas vulnerable to wildfire and to determine the best course of action to protect the public, as well as electrical infrastructure. One of the islands to be inspected, of course, was Maui, scene of... Read More

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  • SkyDio, DJI’s Leading Global Competitor, Exits the Drone Consumer Market

    It’s official: California-based Skydio, widely considered the leading competitor to China’s DJI, is leaving the drone consumer market for good.  The company made the public announcement last week, saying it was a “very difficult decision,” but noting that Skydio had made enormous strides selling its state-of-the-art indoor inspection drones to commercial enterprises and governments the... Read More

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  • Don’t Mess With Texas: It’s Fast Becoming America’s Leading Drone Delivery Hub

    Texas is fast becoming the leading US hub for food and store package deliveries via drone. Flytrex and Causey Aviation, which received Part 135 certification from the FAA to begin remote drone deliveries later this year, recently established its headquarters in Granbury, Texas, a small suburb just south of Dallas-Ft. Worth. The two companies have... Read More

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  • Can Retail Delivery Drones Solve the “Porch Pirate” Problem?

    There’s a new kind of thief stalking American homes in ever-growing numbers:  the porch pirate.  In some cities like New York, it’s an epidemic.  An estimated 90,000 packages are stolen every day by unscrupulous individuals that follow delivery vans around the city, scooping up packages placed on porches while the residents aren’t home.  The thieves... Read More

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  • NYPD Prepares to Acquire a Fleet of Cutting-Edge BRINC Drones

    New York’s finest are about to expand their drone fleet by adding a dozen cutting-edge BRINC tactical UAVs for use in emergency situations, including hostage scenarios and humanitarian disasters. The New York Post initially reported the police department’s purchase as involving less than 10 LEMUR 2 craft worth nearly $87,750.  The NYPD previously acquired 19... Read More

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  • Investor Confidence in the Future of Drone Retail Deliveries Remains High

    Recently-released data on U.S. drone industry investment trends reveals a striking anomaly.  While the number of remote aerial deliveries of food and store goods has largely stalled  – due to weak consumer demand and persistent regulatory constraints — investment in this sector, a clear sign of business confidence – is still growing substantially. In fact,... Read More

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  • FAA Certifies Pyka’s Agricultural Drone for Crop Dusting Operations Nationwide

    Pyka, an Oakland, CA-based agricultural drone company known for its pioneering crop-dusting work in several Latin American countries, is starting to gain serious traction in the United States.  The 6-year old firm recently received FAA certification to conduct its data-driven pesticide spraying operations on US farms nationwide, without the need for special waivers.  To date,... Read More

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  • Getting to Market: Air Taxi Companies Look to Major Car Giants to Help Them Across the Finish Line

    “Flying cars” and drone taxis may one day become the dominant mode of urban mass transit in the United States and abroad.  But getting there will require more than the innovative technology designs and early stage prototypes developed by small California companies like Joby and Archer or by Volocopter and Lilium, Germany’s two flagships.  Fully... Read More

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