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  • Memphis Drone Tests Can Boost the Economy

    Memphis airport was recently selected as part of the national drone testing program.  Memphis International Airport is a Class B airspace and one of the most regulated and busiest airports to be chosen by the FAA for drone testing.  President and chief executive officer of Memphis-Shelby county airport authority, Scott Brockman stated that this could... Read More

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  • Israeli Company Develops Self-Flying Drones For Mining Companies

    Ran Krauss and Meir Kliner are two Israeli entrepreneurs who decided to find a way to help miners, port managers and farmers get intelligent data about their businesses. They started a company in Israel called Airobotics that manufactures self-flying drones. Since 2014, the company has been operational 24-hours a day. Their drones are providing their... Read More

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  • Caltech Researchers Learning About Drones and Wind

     If you’ve ever flown a drone on a windy day, then you already know firsthand how difficult it can be to operate one during powerful winds.  It’s very plausible that in the near future, our airspace will be cluttered with drones. But how can we prevent them from crashing when the weather conditions turn... Read More

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  • Virginia Tech to Manage The State’s National Drone Tests

    Virginia Tech was selected by the Trump administration last week to work on new programs to accelerate drone use throughout the nation. The company will manage and lead drone testing across the state of Virginia.  The U.S government selected 10 jurisdictions for the 10 drone Pilot Program, which will allow local and state governments to... Read More

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  • Apple, Intel, Microsoft and Uber to Begin Testing Drones for Daily Use

    Recently, the American government loosened its regulations on drone usage by approving 10 projects for drone flight tests.  The purpose of the program is to run tests within the country to help grow the industry and make people more confident about the use and safety of drones.  Apple, Uber, Intel, and Microsoft are some of... Read More

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  • Stadium Owners Worry About the Dangers of Drones

    Tracy Mapes a Sacramento resident drove to the Santa Clara and flew his drone over Levi’s stadium. He dropped a pack of leaflets that talked about a conspiracy theory surrounding the Seahawks game.  Mapes then drove across the bay with plans to do the same thing at the Oakland Raiders game. Even though he was... Read More

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  • Drones In Europe Used To Monitor Beach Litter

    In Europe, drones are being used to monitor and evaluate beach litter. A paper was recently published in the Journal Marine Pollution Bulletin that explained the system which makes use of drones in tracking and analyzing litter.  The system was developed by a local oceanography research team, Serena Lagorio, Adam Gauci, and Alan Deidun. In... Read More

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  • Trump Administration Selects Cities to Test New Drone Regulations

    The U.S Department of Transportation reported that 10 cities have been selected for drone testing. This is part of a program that is expected to encourage the use of drones in the United States and bring about better rules and regulations.  The cities selected include San Diego, California – Bismark, North Dakota – Reno, Nevada... Read More

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  • DJI’s New Amazing Headquarters By Foster + Partners

     The architecture company, Foster + Partners have designed an amazing new headquarters for the drone company, DJI in Shenzhen, China. DJI specializes in manufacturing drones that are used by many industries such as film production, photography and much more.  The building’s design will allow the company to show off its latest products and although... Read More

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