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  • Drone Almost Collides With Commercial Aircraft at Heathrow Airport

    Crashing into another object is a major concern many pilots worry about when flying.  With the advancement in drone tech, they now have something new to worry about.  At some point, their aircraft could hit a drone being flown by an operator who is clueless about the risks and potential damage that their drone could... Read More

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  • Drones Tested in Brazil to Fight Disease Carrying Mosquitoes

    The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and its partners have finished testing a system to suppress the spread of Zika virus and other mosquito carrying diseases. The process will involve the release of sterile mosquitoes from airborne drones. This is an innovative method known as Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) and is aimed at fighting diseases.... Read More

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  • Airlines Back Creation of Global Drone Registry

    The world’s airlines are supporting the creation of a global registry for drones. This endeavor will be led by the United Nations and is intended to curb the increasing incidents of collisions by drones and commercial jets.  The International Air Transport Association supports the efforts of the United Nations’ aviation agency to create this type... Read More

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  • FlyJacket Lets Operators Fly Drone With Virtual Reality

     Flying a drone requires some practice and confidence to operate it effectively. Whether it’s a fixed-wing or multi-rotor aircraft, there are a lot of complex processes that go on as you fly. To make matters worse, the control systems are usually not intuitive.  Cameras and VR headsets offer a first-person viewpoint which can be... Read More

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  • Police Using Tech Device to Disable Flying Drones

    Drones are being used for much more than simply taking aerial videos and making deliveries. They’ve been used to commit criminal offenses, survey illegal border crossings and impeded lifesaving efforts by flying into no-fly zones.  Local law enforcement agencies are considering new methods to bring offending drones down to earth quickly and reliably. They are... Read More

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  • Xcel Energy Receives FAA Permission to Fly Drones Out of Sight

    Xcel Energy Inc., Colorado’s largest utility company, stated last week that they’ll be the first utility company in the country to use drones in surveying transmission lines. During the summer, the drones will assess these lines out of the sight of the operator and will carry out regular surveys of transmission lines about 20 miles... Read More

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  • UK Groups Propose to Send in Drones For Soil Protection

    Drones may start being used to locate and penalize farmers that let their soil run off their fields. A complaint was made by a group who stated that the Environment Agency is only able to check soil on 0.5% of farms annually.  The report stated that drones can be used to spot bad farming practices,... Read More

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  • Airbus Launches Robotic Drone Inspectors For Aircraft Hangers

    At MRO Americas, a maintenance tool for Airbus planes are undergoing testing. It is a drone-based inspection vehicle that will be used at hangars to expedite and facilitate visual inspections. The result will be considerable and will reveal how Airbus can decrease downtime and increase the quality of inspection reports.  Merging the comprehensive knowledge of... Read More

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  • Police Will Use Drones to Monitor the Coachella Festival

    A small fleet of drones was seen monitoring the traffic at the music and arts festival, Coachella. Over 120,000 people are expected at the camping area daily but after the killings at a Las Vegas music festival, law enforcement, and other federal agencies are on alert with aerial surveillance.  There will be drones monitoring the... Read More

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  • Medical Delivery Drones Could Soon Be Supplying U.S. Hospitals Soon

     A Medical Drone Company is close to getting approval from the FAA after developing a program that helps to deliver blood to hospitals in Rwanda. The company is certain that the drones can cut down the time it takes to deliver medical supply requests to health centers in rural America.  In Rwanda, if a... Read More

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