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  • First Drone Delivery Service Approved By The Chinese Government

     About five years ago, the use of drones for delivery was something out of a sci-fi movie, but today, the Chinese government has approved a service called SF Express for delivery of packages in the country.  SF Express, the country’s largest logistics firm, stated last month that its subsidiary Fengyu Shuntu Technology had been... Read More

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  • Aerones Develops Firefighting Drones

     A well-known problem for firefighters is their inability to fight a fire from a close proximity because of the potential dangers to the firefighters. So the use of robotic drones can certainly alleviate this obstacle. With drones, there’s no need to drive a fire truck close to the firefighting scene. A firefighting drone can... Read More

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  • Alliance for Drone Innovation Formed By Key Players

    There are several drone companies working together to create safe and functional drone management systems. To ensure that the future of drone security is on track, companies like DJI, GoPro, and 3DR have formed an Alliance for Drone Innovation (ADI) with the major aim to regulate the national airspace and establish a sound framework for... Read More

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  • Drone Racing League Partners With BMW

    Drones are quickly becoming mainstream. They’re flying around recording high-definition videos and taking inspiring photographs of landscapes and real estate drone videos to name a few.   As the price of drones comes down, more people and businesses are getting their hands on these amazing flying robots.  What’s even more impressive is the wide variety of... Read More

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  • Drone Superhighway Proposed By Amazon, Google, Boeing & More

    Amazon and Google are going ahead with plans to create their own air traffic control systems so their drones can deliver packages seamlessly. The network will be privately funded and will operate autonomously from federal networks.  The project was described at a conference and is backed by some of the major technology players such as... Read More

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  • Drone Discovers Ancient Etchings in Peru

    Drones flying and hovering over the mountains of Peru have spotted some astonishing ancient “artwork”. These geoglyphs were previously undiscovered and are called Nazca Lines. They were possibly created by an ancient people called Nazca’ as far back as 2,500 years ago.  There are about 50 of these artwork and this number is proof that... Read More

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  • Company Plans to Train Drone Operators at Concord Airport

    ArgenTech Solutions, a company that trains businesses and government agencies on how to operate drones will be setting up shop at the Concord Municipal Airport.  They will help determine how unmanned aerial vehicles can operate alongside piloted aircraft. If the plan goes through, this could be the first operation of its kind in America. ArgenTech... Read More

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  • Dubai Expo Shows Drones Controlled By The Brain

    The future is looking more like a Sci-fi movie as mind controlled drones are being developed. Hand controllers are on their way out and brain waves will be taking over.  Last week, the Global Education and Skills Forum was held in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). At the meeting, an Australian based organization known as... Read More

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  • Union Pacific is Using Drones to Monitor Railroad Employees

    Indian Railways began using drones at some of their most highly visited stations as a means of risk management and crowd control.  Now it’s the American company called Union Pacific that’s using drones to its advantage. The company is flying drones over its railroad sites to monitor its workers and find out if they are... Read More

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  • DJI Is Manufacturing 1,000 Industrial Drones

     Dji is a major drone manufacturer and recently they have branched into commercial drones. They are building 1000 custom drones based on the Matrice 100, which is a high end commercial quadcopter.  These drones are being manufactured in collaboration with software from Skycatch and are being produced for Komatsu, a Japanese construction company. Skycatch... Read More

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