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  • The Growth of the Drone Inspection Industry

    The days when building inspectors used to rely on huge ladders and binoculars to inspect for weaknesses in building structures are long behind us. Drones have now become an industry standard and are being used the world over to inspect not just buildings, but other structures such as bridges and even drone roof inspections. While... Read More

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  • New Drone Standards Could Revolutionize UK Industries

    The drone industry is set to revolutionize British industries and help to transform different sectors such as agriculture, transportation, medicine, and many more. Sometime in spring this year, the UK government is set to unveil the new standard for drone use. It will cover many topics that will help grow confidence in the use of... Read More

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  • Run More Efficient Worksites With Industrial Drones

     Drones are not only useful for consumer purposes or for military missions. There is a new industry that uses drones in industrial settings like construction, mining, and real estate.  The technology of industrial drones is captivating and comprises of components like GPS, sensors, rugged bodies, and LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging). These industrial drones... Read More

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  • Verizon Will Use Drones to Provide Cell Service After a Disaster

    Last year a series of devastating storms were responsible for power and service outage across the United States. These disasters affected millions of Americans and it became obvious how vulnerable these technological lifelines were to bad weather conditions.  Today, some companies are trying to fix the problem with drones. Last week in New Jersey, Verizon... Read More

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  • Forget Precision Agriculture: Drone Herding Is Taking Off

    What do sheep think about drones? That is definitely an interesting question to ask.  However, there is an ongoing experiment that seeks to answer that question and offer real-world applications of drones to check on crops and monitor livestock.  Dan Swafford, the leader of the project and a retired teacher mentioned that they first have... Read More

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  • Drone Rescue Operation Exercise Held in Texas

    A search and rescue exercise was carried out on February 3rd, 2018. The purpose was to find volunteer victims who were pretending to be lost. The team of rescue operators used drones, dogs, horses, and boats for the exercise. They were joined by firefighters and law enforcement officers in the operation to find lost volunteer... Read More

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  • The Next Humanitarian Aid-Delivering Drone is Going to Be Edible!

    An aftermath of the 2015 Nepal earthquake left people living in mountain villages waiting for emergency food for weeks. Landslides had destroyed the roads and the limited helicopters in the country couldn’t always safely fly where they were required. Delivery drones would have come in handy. But Nigel Gifford thinks he has an even better... Read More

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  • Thermal Imaging Drone Finds Unconscious Man After Car Accident and Saves His Life

     Drones are quickly becoming the method of choice for many institutions to conduct their day-to-day activities. Allowing them to save time, resources and energy as well as proving to be more effective than most of the methods currently in use. Drones are also saving lives all across the world and a recent case in... Read More

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  • Drone Helps Police Against Gun-Waving Woman in Florida

    Police used a drone to help when a woman in Florida pointed a gun at them asking them to shoot her. The woman, a 57 year old who resides in Cocoa Beach, caused a standoff with the police at a Wal-Mart where she pleaded with the officers to shoot. Avoiding Violence through Technology The woman... Read More

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  • NASA Preparing to Explore Saturn’s Largest Moon With Drones

    NASA is currently planning a mission that will place a drone on the surface of Titan – Saturn’s largest moon. The name of the project is ‘Dragonfly’ and it is expected that it will take advantage of Titans dense atmosphere.  The quadcopter will fly from location to location and capture data such as the moon’s... Read More

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