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  • Drones Fly Dolce & Gabbana Handbags Down the Runway at Milan Fashion

     Dolce & Gabbana amazed the watching audience with a memorable show that replaced human models with drones during the Milan’s Fashion Week. The legendary Italian Fashion brand showcased its Fall 2018 pricy offerings in a what turned out to be a pleasantly surprising way; the drones actually “flew” down the runway carrying its trendy... Read More

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  • Anti-Drone Industry Set to Rise as Companies Turn to Hacking Drones

    Unfortunately not all drone operators follow the law when flying and it’s starting to become commonplace for drones to fly into restricted airspace.  For this reason, some companies are creating technologies to hijack these drones. These new techniques will force a drone to land immediately if violating a no-fly-zone.  As drones become more popular, they... Read More

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  • Louisville to Fly Automated Drones to Gunshot Scenes if Approved by FAA

    Lousiville is seeking to fly automated drones to sites where gunfire has been detected, becoming the first city to do so. This is dependent on the approval of the FAA, which accepted applications by local authorities for the UAS Integration Pilot Program. The program, which was put in place by the Trump administration, seeks to... Read More

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  • This Autonomous Drone Can Do What No Other Drone Can

     An autonomous drone that can follow you and take your photos; sounds like a scene from a movie, right? Well, not anymore as this is what Silicon Valley startup, Skydio has developed and which will be available to the public in just a few weeks’ time. The Intelligent Drone The autonomous drone, which is... Read More

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  • A New Lithium-Metal Battery Will Double Drones Flight Time

    SolidEnergy Systems has introduced the world to the first lithium-metal battery. The startup which is based in Massachusetts has made the drone manufacturing industry its first client but it has plans to scale in the future and disrupt many other industries. Why Does This Matter? The energy density of the new lithium-metal batteries is twice... Read More

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  • Ireland Turns to Drones to Fight Illegal Dumping

    The Irish government is turning to drones and CCTV cameras to tackle the ever-growing problem of illegal dumping, the Irish Minister for Environment, Denis Naughten, said as he launched the initiative. This latest initiative by the Irish government to finally curb illegal dumping will also see the government increase the funding for local clean-up projects.... Read More

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  • Study Shows Drones Are More Reliable at Counting Wildlife

     Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) are much more accurate than the current methods of counting wildlife, a study by the University of Adelaide in Australia has suggested. The study was led by one of the university’s Ph.D. candidates in the School of Biological Sciences, Jarrod Hodgson. The study found that camera-drones are a better, more... Read More

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  • Black Sage Displays a New Anti-Drone Defense System in Idaho

     News about the usefulness of drones spreads like wildfire in today’s news. Some people purchase drones for entertainment and useful business applications, while others only have mischief in mind.  Unauthorized drones have been a big problem in many US cities and now several companies are developing ways to defeat and bring down these drones.... Read More

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  • Department of Defense to Use Drones in Managing Land Assets

    A team of researchers received a grant that can help with land management of coastal military installations. The team is expected to show how an aerial view of Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune can help with land management in coastal training areas.  The United States Department of Defense (DoD) awarded $954000 to the Nicholas School... Read More

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  • Intel Uses Drones to Set New World Record at Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony

     The opening ceremony of any Olympics is always one to behold and this year’s Winter Olympic at Pyeongchang was no exception. This year, Intel stole the show with its majestic display of its Shooting Star Drones. The 1,218 drones set a new world record for most drones flown simultaneously as they graced the skyline, forming... Read More

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