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  • Drone Averse Kentucky is Warming to UAVs

    The “Bluegrass State” of Kentucky isn’t known for being friendly to drones.  The Virginia-based Mercatus Center, which evaluates all 50 states based on their readiness to promote the drone industry, ranks Kentucky near the bottom of the list at #43.  Other Deep South states share Kentucky’s concern that drones could spy on local citizens or... Read More

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  • Tiger Woods & Team TaylorMade Go Drone Hunting With Golf Balls!

     In a recent video from Golf Company TaylorMade, Tiger Woods, Rory McIlory, Scottie Scheffler, Collin Morikawa, and Tommy Fleetwood take turns launching golf balls at a flying drone!  The golf pros can be heard laughing and cheering as they hit balls towards the drone. The drone even dodges some close shots. Though it doesn’t... Read More

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  • Thanks to Drones, North Carolina’s Wing Group Has a Life-Saving Mission

     Drones have many useful applications in the public and private sectors but few are as emotionally satisfying to drone operators as the opportunity to find and rescue a lost or missing person.  Search and rescue (or SAR drones) are an important part of the drone arsenal of many police and fire departments frequently called... Read More

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  • FAA Appears to Be Fast-Tracking Approval of “Hybrid” Drone Taxis

     Another “drive-and-fly” drone taxi prototype has just been certified as safe for road and flight testing by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The FAA issued the Silicon Valley-based firm ASKA a Special Airworthiness Certificate (SAC) and a Certification of Authorization (COA) which allows the company to test its flying car prototype on local California... Read More

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  • Drone Light Show Market is Surging Worldwide

     Texas-based Sky Elements claims on its website to be the ”largest drone show provider in the United States.”  With so much marketing hype and fierce competition in the drone industry these days, many companies make claims of this sort that are impossible to verify.  Sky Elements is surely in the running but so are... Read More

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  • Law Enforcement in Southwest Florida Has a Not-So Secret Weapon

    When it comes to law enforcement drone programs, few can match the breadth and sophistication of the one in Ft. Myers, Florida and surrounding Lee County. The FMPD just received a free gift from the Florida DOT – a state-of-the art 3-D photogrammetry drone – that will allow the department to expedite and enhance its... Read More

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  • DJI Faces Increased Competition from Skyfish and Other US Drone Producers

    Chinese based drone company, DJI, now has some major US competition.  One of the prime beneficiaries will likely be Montana-based Skyfish, which is vying to replace DJI as a leading contractor with the US defense establishment while also encroaching on DJI’s near monopoly in a number of commercial niches. Founded in 2011, Skyfish spent quite... Read More

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  • New York City’s New Drone Regulations Are Too Restrictive, Critics Say

    New York City and Washington DC are two US cities with some of the tightest restrictions on private and commercial drone flying.  Both cities typically point to their population density, as well as national security concerns, as reasons for these restrictions.  In New York for example recreational fliers can only fly drones in five of... Read More

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  • Play Ball! Drones Set a Precedent in This Year’s ”Midsummer Classic”

    You may have noticed some unusual new camera angles in Fox’s live broadcast of Major League Baseball’s annual “All -Star Game” earlier this week. That’s because Fox, in a historic first, decided to add four remotely piloted drones to its standard baseball coverage, allowing viewers to gain some additional perspective on the game as it... Read More

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  • Swiss Drone Firm RigiTech Can Deliver Vital Spare Parts Without Remote Piloting

    Most drone companies seeking to make remote deliveries these days are focused on food or store items  (Walmart and Amazon) or medical supplies (Zipline).  But one Swiss company, RigiTech, is pioneering a completely new niche – spare parts. RigiTech has already made more than 50 successful deliveries of vital replacement parts to an offshore wind... Read More

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