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  • 2023 Survey Reveals the Drone Market’s 3 Biggest Challenges

    A just-released survey of drone manufacturers and fliers has revealed the three biggest challenges currently facing the U.S. drone market – and at least one of those challenges may surprise you.  The survey, conducted by Elsight and IP3 Tech, and first reported by DroneLife.com, asked respondents to list the three market challenges in order of... Read More

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  • Nation’s First “Hybrid” Drone Passenger Vehicle Receives FAA Approval for Advanced Flight and Road Testing

     A California-based company has just received FAA approval to begin testing its new passenger drone vehicle in the real world.  The company, ALEF, claims it’s the first air taxi company to receive such FAA approval.  Big news, right? Well, not quite.  ALEF’s “flying car” isn’t the first passenger drone vehicle to receive a “Special... Read More

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  • Drones Patrolling Beaches in Long Island NY After Shark Bites

     On Monday, two teenagers in Long Island, NY were bit by sharks while swimming in the ocean. There were additional bites that evening and the following day along with shark sightings in the area.  In response to the attacks, Long Island has started using drones to patrol the beaches on the lookout for sharks.... Read More

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  • New England is Still the Nation’s Least “Drone Friendly” Region

    Which region of the United States is considered least “friendly” to drones?  It may come as a surprise, but the winner, by far, is New England.  Rhode Island, in fact,  ranks at the very bottom of the list of states deemed “ready” to embrace the drone industry, according to a 2022 scorecard compiled by the... Read More

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  • Trapped in Raging Floodwaters, A Chinese Couple Is Saved by a Drone

    Drones are known for helping first responders search for lost and missing persons and victims of natural disasters, but few of those life-saving efforts are filmed in their entirety like the one in China’s Henan province was yesterday.  The vehicle of a young Chinese couple was almost completely-submerged in raging floodwaters and the pair could... Read More

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  • More Drone Light Shows Will Replace Fireworks Displays on July 4th

     Celebrating our nation’s independence is typically a boisterous and noisy affair, The day is filled with music and marching bands, and the night is capped off with a booming fireworks display.  But this July 4th, many cities and towns are opting for a different kind of aerial light show. In place of soaring rockets... Read More

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  • Responsible Drone Flying is No Threat to the Nation’s Wildlife

    Drone designers, especially those in the field of conservation, have long been fascinated with the movement of birds.  Birds are, in a sense, “natural” drones.  Their keen long-distance sight and deft maneuverability allows them to zero in on prey and to escape obstacles and collisions – and they can hover and perch to conserve their... Read More

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  • Tiny Mighty Fly Is Preparing to Leave Its Mark on the Global Drone Industry

     Drone companies come in all shapes and sizes, and so do the businesses and causes they serve.  While major retailers like Amazon and Walmart with massive publicity departments continue to capture the media headlines – even while struggling to get their aerial package delivery operations off the ground – some smaller UAV companies, operating... Read More

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  • Air Taxi Companies Stole the Show in Paris Last Week

     Several of the leading air taxi start-ups – including US-based Joby, Archer Aviation and Wisk Aero – showcased their vehicle prototypes at the annual Paris Air Show last week.  How did they do?   By all accounts, the three companies wowed  attendees with their technological design prowess as well as their readiness to move to... Read More

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