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  • Drones Are the New Tool For Farmers

    When it comes to technological drone advancement, farming isn’t the first industry that comes to most people’s minds. However, this mentality is changing real fast. For instance, the Agricultural giant John Deere just acquired Blue River Technology at $305 million. Blue River Technology is a relatively new robotics company that develops robots capable of identifying... Read More

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  • Meet Dubai’s New Taxi Drone: The VC200 Volocopter

    Are taxi drones possible? Dubai certainly seems to think so. The wealthy United Arab Emirates city recently staged a test flight for what it hopes to be the first accessible taxi drone in the world. The drone’s maiden flight was arranged by Dubai’s Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed recently. Dubai hopes that its new... Read More

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  • Lockheed Martin Tests Laser Weapon to Bring Down Drones

    Imagine futuristic warfare and several movies featuring laser weapons come to mind. There’s something about regular weapons and bullets that just seems so outdated these days. An American defense and aerospace company known as Lockheed Martin has created a new laser defense system called Advanced Test High Energy Asset (ATHENA). The system uses only a... Read More

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  • Silicon Valley Startup Launches Drone Delivery Network in Switzerland

    Matternet is a drone delivery startup that is getting ready to take its technology to the commercial arena. The company will soon be launching its drone delivery service across Switzerland to transport medical samples to different facilities. Matternet will be using its Matternet Station, which will handle delivery from beginning to end. CEO of Matternet, Andreas... Read More

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  • Intel’s Drones Might Replace Fireworks – Wonder Woman Display

    Warner Bros recently promoted their extremely successful Wonder Woman movie with drone lights in the place of fireworks on recently, in Los Angeles. Intel Company was the one behind this drone show technology, and as you may have already seen in the past, they have also featured in events such as the 2017 Super Bowl.... Read More

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  • Drone Discovers One of Alexander the Great’s Lost Cities

    Drones recently found one of Alexander the Great’s long lost cities. The city was found in Iraq, and is believed to have been founded by Alexander the Great during his long campaign to conquer the known world in ancient antiquity. The lost city, called Qalatga Darba, is located in Norther Iraq, and was lost to... Read More

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  • President Trump Faces Threat From Armed Drones

    What happens when a swarm of fast, high-performance drones attack the White House or any other government establishment? Will our defense systems be able to stop armed drones? In fact, security warnings from Dan Bongino a former NYPD officer who is currently running for Congress as a Republican and also the author of a new... Read More

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  • Drone Used in Pentonville Prison Murder Case

    Jamal Mahmoud, a 21-year-old inmate of Somali descent was murdered at Pentonville prison in a battle to control a contraband route within the prison. His cell was located on the top floor of the prison wing, giving him access to prohibited drugs, weapons and mobile phones which were delivered by drone. Jurors were told that... Read More

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  • How Drones Helped The Victims of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey

    Hurricanes Irma and Harvey may be gone but they’ve left tremendous destruction in their wake. Amidst this devastation, disaster relief teams have employed numerous drones to assist them in their rescue operations. In fact, according to the Federal Aviation Administration, they were asked to release 132 airspace authorizations for drones to aid in disaster relief... Read More

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  • Meet DroneCatcher – The Drone That Catches Rogue Drones

    Meet the DroneCatcher, a new type of drone specifically designed to capture rogue drones using a special net designed to incapacitate them. The latest version of the DroneCatcher was revealed earlier this week at the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) event in London, where its various features were shown to an eager audience. What... Read More

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