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  • Great Britain Plans to Deliver the Nation’s Mail by Drone by 2025

    Great Britain has announced an ambitious new plan to increase the speed and efficiency of its national mail delivery service by introducing unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, to handle the first leg of all future postal distribution.  Under the plan, 500 heavy cargo drones filled with packages and letters will fan out from major national... Read More

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  • Looking for Scenic Drone Flying in the UK? Try Scotland

    Drone use is surging throughout the British Isles. England will soon host the world’s largest drone “superhighway,” allowing for routine small cargo deliveries across a 165 mile stretch from Oxford to Coventry.  In neighboring Ireland, Dublin is emerging as a hub for “last mile” fast food deliveries, with two drone companies, Manna and Wing, competing... Read More

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  • Germany-Based Volocopter Could Become the Future of Air Taxis in Saudi Arabia and Beyond

    Saudi Arabia’s ambitious plan to transform its entire northwestern NEOM region into a laboratory for smart and sustainable transportation technology received a huge boost last week with the successful testing of eVTOL aircraft produced by the German air taxi company Volocopter. The test culminated 18 months of collaboration between NEOM’s civil aviation authorities and Volocopter,... Read More

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  • FPV? It’s an Entirely Different Drone Flying Experience

     What’s the difference between a standard drone and an “FPV” drone? The distinction is confusing to many because the FPV acronym is rarely spelled out.  Some people think FPV must refer to a specific drone company like DJI – but some DJI drones are also designated “FPV.”  Could FPV be a DJI subsidiary?  Wrong... Read More

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  • Four More Drone Firms Apply to the FAA for BVLOS Waivers

    Four American drone companies have applied to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for regulatory waivers that will allow the firms to fly Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations on a continuous basis across the United States. To date, the FAA, bowing to safety concerns, has heavily restricted such operations, often requiring drone companies to... Read More

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  • Sweden’s Drone Industry Carves Out Its Own Distinctive Niches

    Sweden is another country with a drone industry whose influence on the global scene may far outpace its actual size.  That’s because the industry has long focused on making strategic investments in cutting-edge technology design and innovation tailored to Sweden’s domestic needs rather than on expanding mainstream drone capabilities that might be packaged and sold... Read More

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  • Drone “Taxis” Are Coming to an Airport Near You

    The commercialization of drone passenger vehicles – once considered little more than a “Jetsonian” fantasy – is rapidly coming to fruition.  Field tests of air taxi prototypes are underway all over the United States and investors are standing by to plunge millions – and perhaps billions – into eventual mass production. Meanwhile, partnership deals between... Read More

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  • This Year’s Perfect Father’s Day Gift? A Drone

    Finding the perfect Father’s Day gift for the “guy who has everything” is a perennial challenge.  But 2023 could be the year when Dear Old Dad finally graduates from an electric shaver to a more sophisticated technological gadget. Why not surprise – and even shock — the male authority figure in your household with the... Read More

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