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  • Could Parrot’s New Partnership with Tinamu Revolutionize Indoor Drone Inspections?

    Routine indoor inspections of mines, construction sites and warehouses are critical for ensuring the commercial performance of these sites.  But traditional field inspections conducted by human surveyors are time-consuming, often incomplete (missing inaccessible or difficult-to-reach portions of site) and potentially dangerous.  When drones first appeared on the scene a decade ago, some drone companies began... Read More

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  • Can Wing’s New Delivery Network Solve the Problem of “Scalability”?

    The issue of “scalability” continues to loom large in the US drone industry.  U.S. retailers like Amazon and Walmart that are currently experimenting with “last mile” package deliveries by drone still lack a viable financial mode to support them.  Currently, the companies respond to individual customer orders in a highly circumscribed service area and send... Read More

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  • Drone Industry Enjoyed Another Banner Investment Year in 2022

    Investments in the drone industry are continuing to surge at record-high rates. A study by the research form Drone Industry insights found that investments totaled $4.8 billion in 2022, more than twice the level in 2020, and exceeding the level reported for the entire three-year period of 2017-2020.  Especially noteworthy was the growth in drone... Read More

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  • Conservationists Use the “Snot-Bot” Drone to Protect Endangered Whales

    Conservationists have devised all sorts of ingenious ways to track mammals and birds in the wild in the hopes of ensuring their future survival.  With the rise of drones, those methods have become cheaper, more effective and less threatening to the species under observance.  Drones can collect data on animal and bird migratory and mating... Read More

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  • Indianapolis Police Department’s Drone Program Continues to Soar

    Indiana consistently ranks in the top 10 among US states whose law enforcement departments have acquired drones.  And no Indiana city has acquired more police drones or deployed them for more purposes than the Hoosier state’s beloved capital of Indianapolis. The IMPD first expressed an interest in drones nearly a decade ago, and after some... Read More

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  • Walmart and Drone-Up Turn to Iris Automation to Improve the Safety and Scalability of their Delivery Operations

    Walmart and its drone delivery partner, Drone-Up, want to make their Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations safer than ever – and just as important, fully scalable to ensure profitability.  Their recently-announced collaboration with Iris Automation could well bring this long-sought goal to fruition. Currently, Drone-Up assists Walmart with remote package delivery operations at... Read More

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  • NASCAR Finds a New Role for Drones on Its Race Tracks

    When NASCAR first discovered the world of drones two years ago, its avid embrace soon transformed the world of aerial race car photography.  Today, FPV racing drones closely track the progress of cars around the track, flying at speeds of 85-95 mph, providing viewers with dazzling close-ups of drivers and their vehicles engaged in fierce... Read More

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  • Advertisers Looking to Capitalize on Growing Popularity of Drone Light Shows

     Drone light shows have become an increasingly popular alternative to traditional fireworks displays.  And with huge global audiences increasingly captivated by these often dazzling and brilliant aerial events, it’s only natural that marketers now want to turn drone light shows into major advertising venues. Lucky Charms – the cereal company – and the National... Read More

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  • When It Comes to Drones and Law Enforcement, Small Town Agencies Often Lead the Way

    The town of Hemet in Riverside County in southern California just joined the list of small town law enforcement agencies embracing drones to support police work.  The city announced last week that it will purchase at least one specially equipped drone to enhance its accident and crime scene analysis and to facilitate rapid identification and... Read More

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