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  • The FAA Once Declared Drones and Wildfires a “Toxic Mix.” But Times Are Changing

    As America heads for another deadly season of wildfires, there is growing concern that increasingly aggressive recreational drone fliers will interfere with public authorities seeking to battle the blazes with manned aircraft and helicopters.  The problem is largely one of public education.  Drone fliers are often unaware that their operations, when detected by public authorities,... Read More

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  • Volarius, DJI Drones and Road Vehicles Are Patrolling the Border Together

     US Border Patrol has a new friend:  A DJI M300 drone that can provide real-time aerial surveillance of both sides of the border, filming continuously.  The drone, with its limited battery power, can’t perform this mission alone.  Now, thanks to Volarious, a Singapore-based drone services company, it doesn’t have to. Volarius has designed a... Read More

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  • Pagliacci Pizza Turns to Drones For Faster More Sustainable Deliveries

    Another American pizza chain wants to jump on the drone delivery bandwagon. Seattle-based Pagliacci’s, which supports more than two dozen pizza franchises throughout the local metropolitan area, has announced plans to deliver its popular 13” pizzas in collaboration with Zipline, the world-renowned San Francisco-based aerial package delivery company. Currently, Pagliacci’s delivers all of its food... Read More

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  • South Africa is the African Continent’s Largest Drone Market

    When one thinks of the expanding drone market in Africa, the activities of US-based drone companies like Zipline – which has spent years delivering medical supplies to needy villagers in countries like Rwanda, Ghana and Nigeria – typically come to mind.  But, in fact, the largest drone market on the continent is located in South... Read More

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  • Wisk Aero Secures Deal with Japan Airlines to Produce Drone Taxis

     Do “drone taxis” really have a commercial future?  Some major companies in the global aircraft industry are betting that they do.  Chief among them may be The Boeing Company, which has invested more than $450 million in Wisk Aero, making the latter company the leading autonomous passenger vehicle developer in the world.  Wisk has... Read More

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  • A Teenage Drone Whiz in the Ukraine Hopes to Rid His Country of Land Mines

    Using drones equipped with ground penetrating radar (GPR) to locate buried landmines is not a new concept.  More than six years ago, researchers in several countries began designing and manufacturing drones for precisely this purpose. In fact, in several recent conflict zones, private drone companies specializing in landmine detection – sometimes supported by the United... Read More

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  • Iris Automation Is Taking the Global Drone Industry by Storm

    Iris Automation, a global leader in the development of state-of-the “sense and avoid” technology, is beginning to take the drone industry by storm. Founded in 2011, the Reno, NV-based company offers highly advanced onboard and off-board sensor systems that allow drone users to scan the airspace surrounding their flight trajectories to detect and avoid potential... Read More

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  • Missouri University of Science and Technology (MUST) Teaches Farmers How to Exploit Agricultural Drone Technology

    Many US farmers would like to take advantage of drones to reduce their reliance on agricultural labor, improve their operating efficiency and reduce their farm costs.  But they may be unfamiliar with drone technology and reluctant to learn about it.  Some old-timers are downright suspicious of flying machines and feel more comfortable riding a tractor... Read More

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  • Like Many Larger Cities, Grand Rapids, Michigan Wants a Police Drone of Its Own

    The police department of Grand Rapids, Michigan (GRPD) faced a quandary last week.  A woman was holed up in an apartment building threatening violence against others and herself.  Officers arrived on the scene but couldn’t see high enough into her ninth-floor apartment to assess the situation.  Frustrated, the GRPD chief decided to ask a nearby... Read More

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