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  • San Francisco-Based Zipline Introduces New Drone Model

     San Francisco-Based Zipline continues to surge to the forefront of the global drone industry.  The 7-year old drone company has just released a new autonomous drone, dubbed Platform 2, which can carry eight pounds of cargo at a range of 10 miles.  Zipline already conducts extensive medical supply delivery operations in several African countries,... Read More

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  • Planting Seeds: Abu Dhabi Turns To Drones for Mangrove Conservation

    Farm management in the 21st century increasingly relies on “precision agriculture” – the targeting of farm inputs to specific portions of a farm to generate the highest yield while reducing waste and lowering costs.  As part of this new approach, farmers in a growing number of countries are replacing their fixed wing aircraft and field... Read More

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  • The Important Role of Drones in the Mining Industry

    Drones can make an important contribution to nearly every US industry, but their role in mining may well be unique.  Aerial mapping via drone is also critical in construction and farm management, but the survey work takes place outdoors.  In mining, much of the work occurs within the darkness of the mineshaft and requires indoor... Read More

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  • Sicilian Village Goes Viral Thanks to a Drone Photo of its Human-Like Shape

      View this post on Instagram   A post shared by ᴅʀᴏɴᴇ ᴘɪʟᴏᴛ | ᴘʜᴏᴛᴏɢʀᴀᴘʜʏ | ғᴘᴠ (@pioandreaperi) The village of Centuripe on the Italian island of Sicily has recently gone viral for its unique shape, which resembles a person with their arms outstretched! Local photographer and drone pilot, Pio Andrea Peri, discovered the unusual... Read More

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  • Dubai’s Drone Package Delivery Operations Could Soar in 2023

    The global drone package delivery market is expected to soar in the coming years.  One research firm estimates a whopping 14-fold increase in the valuation of the delivery market from $528.4 million in 2020 to $7.63 billion by 2027.  But these heady predictions can be misleading. Future progress still depends on the ability of drone... Read More

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  • DJI Drones Are Helping Western States Predict and Control Their Avalanches

    Can drones predict the likelihood of snow avalanches — and even help rescue their victims when they occur?  Apparently they can. The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF) recently field tested tech giant DJI’s ability to perform avalanche risk assessment missions in the state’s snowy climbs. Alaska DOT&PF has turned to drones in... Read More

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  • MIT’s MADER Technology Can Reduce the Risk of Drone Collisions

    “Sense and avoid” – also known as “obstacle avoidance” – technology has been an important feature of drone design for years.  The idea that drones should be able to reduce if not eliminate the risk of collisions with trees, buildings, humans and other aircraft has underpinned the concept of Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS)... Read More

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  • Construction is the #2 Industry for Commercial Application of Drone Technology

    Construction is widely considered to be a “traditional” industry, one highly resistant to new technology, including digitization.  But, in recent years, construction has emerged as a leading industry for commercial application of drone technology.  The industry has experienced a 239% growth in drone use year over year, higher than any other commercial sector besides real... Read More

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  • Despite the Obstacles, African Drone Fliers Soar to Success

    African governments are among the least friendly in the world when it comes to support for drone flying.  Several governments ban the practice outright, while others have a cumbersome permit approval system in place that largely discourages it. But none of these obstacles have deterred enterprising young drone enthusiasts on the continent from seizing the... Read More

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  • Minnesota Police Agencies Look to Drones as Force-Multipliers

    Minnesota is considered one of the most “drone friendly” states in the nation.  In fact, the Fairfax, VA-based Mercatus Center ranks the Wolverine State #5 on its annual 50-state scorecard.  While important commercial drone applications, including farm management, are an important reason for Minnesota’s top ranking, another is law enforcement.  More than 80 police and... Read More

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