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  • Canada-Based Draganfly Struggles to Meet the Global Demand for Its Drones

    Demand for drones in a wide range of commercial niches is booming.  While virtually all drone sectors are experiencing record growth rates,  law enforcement, farm management, construction and real estate are among the top performers.  Most drone suppliers still focus on a single niche but those companies that can demonstrate their versatility by building partnerships... Read More

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  • Another Drone Firm Seeks Entry Into America’s Package Drone Delivery Market

    America’s bustling remote package drone delivery market is about to get a little more crowded.  The latest entrant?  Brazil-based Speedbird Aero. It’s an unusually dynamic company that began just five years ago as a small family-based technology project in Sao Paulo involving two professional associates and their wives.  It has since mushroomed into a 55-person... Read More

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  • Australia-Based Swoop Aero is Expanding BVLOS Flights into New Zealand and Beyond

    Australian drone delivery and logistics company Swoop Aero has received the go-ahead from New Zealand’s civil aviation authority to begin conducting beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) flights of lab samples between the South Island west coast towns of Westport and Greymouth. The flights, set to begin later this spring, will carry pathology samples and... Read More

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  • Prepositioning Search and Rescue Drones Could Save More Lives, Experts Say

    Time is of the essence in search and rescue operations.  The longer it takes to find a missing person, the less their chances of survival.  In theory, aerial drones can outperform helicopters and foot patrols and speed the search process considerably.  Moreover, equipped with thermal imaging cameras, drones can quickly identify missing persons at night... Read More

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  • How Did Marilyn Monroe Make It to Hollywood? On the Wings of Drones

    America’s most beloved – and notorious – sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe, didn’t get her start, professionally, in Hollywood.  Her first full-time job was at a military production plant at the height of World War II.  At the tender age of 18, she was hired to spray fire retardant on the parachutes used to drop explosives... Read More

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  • Remote Package Delivery by Drone Faces an Uncertain Future

    Is remote package delivery by drone really the wave of the future?  The signs are conflicting.  Amazon continues to report strict oversight of its fledgling drone flights in two US locations – Lockerbie, CA and College Station, TX.  The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is insisting that all Amazon flights be closely monitored by ground safety... Read More

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  • Responding to Industry Pressure, Congress Is Seeking Expedited FAA Approval of BVLOS Drone Flights 

    Two powerful US Senators have just introduced legislation that would compel the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to extend Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) authority to more US drone flights, reducing the need for drone operators to secure case-by-case exemptions and waivers to existing FAA regulations that many believe are hampering the growth of the... Read More

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  • New Mississippi Law Will Allow Drones to Soar   

    Mississippi, long known for its hostility to UAV rights, has just passed legislation that will make it easier for drones to fly freely across the state. The new law quashes all existing and prospective legal restrictions on the ability of drones to fly over private property and re-establishes the authority of the Federal Aviation Administration... Read More

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  • Skydio Is Emerging As a Drone Industry Trend-Setter

    Many U.S. drone companies are experiencing exponential growth these days.  But few have kept the hectic pace of Hayward, CA-based Skydio, a recognized pioneer in the UAV indoor inspection market.  Skydio has grown by 30 times since it first entered the U.S. drone market three years ago.   And it’s poised for even greater growth in... Read More

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  • In Japan, EHang Sets Another Drone Taxi Precedent

    Japan is demonstrating once again why it’s fast emerging as a national trend setter in the burgeoning global drone industry. Last November, it was Japan’s regulatory reforms regarding “last mile” remote package deliveries that caught the world’s attention. While the Federal Aviation Administration continues to drag its feet approving Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS)... Read More

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