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  • Do Drone Superhighways Really Have a Future?

    Brent Skorup, Senior Research Fellow at the Fairfax, VA-based Mercatus center, is one of the nation’s leading proponents of drone “super highways.”  A drone superhighway is a designated corridor of airspace in which drones can fly largely unimpeded at long distance and without the need for remote piloting,   Currently, a few such drone corridors exist,... Read More

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  • IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Manal Habib, CEO and Founder of the Drone Start-Up Mighty Fly

    Women are making great strides in the drone industry, especially when it comes to owning and flying their own drones. But men still overwhelmingly dominate the ranks of drone company owners.  Are there exceptions? A few. One is Manal Habib, CEO and founder of Mighty Fly, a San Francisco based drone startup founded in October 2019.... Read More

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  • Drone-Guided Litter Clean-Ups Are Restoring the Pristine Beauty of the World’s Beaches

    Drone fliers often refer to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) as ”eyes in the sky.”  Thanks to their advanced sensor imaging and high magnification zoom cameras, drones possess “eagle” eyes, spotting small objects from high altitudes that may not be visible to the naked eye, even during close field inspections. A good example of drone aerial... Read More

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  • Flyability Partners with Mirion to Detect Nuclear Radiation Threats

    Drone inspections of public energy grids are becoming increasingly commonplace.  But few companies have the technical know-how to conduct these inspections within the interior of grid infrastructure.  Swiss-owned Flyability has pioneered indoor drone inspections for several years, earning the company global plaudits; now Flyability is taking indoor inspections one step further. The company has designed... Read More

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  • ComEd Illinois Turns to Autonomous Drones for Public Utility Inspections 

    Public utility ComEd supplies power to more than 4 million customers across northern Illinois – about 70% of the state’s population.  Like other public utilities, the company already relies on high-performance commercial drones to perform several roles, including inspection of power lines to assess storm damage and to enable field crews to restore power more... Read More

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  • Some Drone Search-and-Rescue Operations Focus on Lost and Missing Animals

    When a cat found itself stuck on top of a tall electricity pole in an El Paso, TX neighborhood recently, local residents decided to call the local fire department and an animal rescue group for help.  But it turned out that neither agency could coax the cat down to safety.  Several days passed but the... Read More

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  • BRINC Drones Fly to Turkey to Assist With Earthquake Relief

     These days when a humanitarian disaster strikes anywhere in the world, one hears a common refrain: “Send in the drones”  The deepening crisis in Turkey, following its massive earthquake of February 6, is no exception. Drones have already filmed the quake’s devastating aftermath:  Collapsed buildings, more than 25,000 dead, a population displaced by the... Read More

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  • Fire Departments Nationwide Are Warming Up to Drones

    Fire departments, like police departments, are discovering the many uses of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).  Whether they’re conducting aerial surveillance or active fire suppression, fire-fighting drones can contain blazes more quickly while reducing property damage and saving the lives of first responders and fire victims alike. Most of the media coverage regarding drones and fire-fighting... Read More

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  • Israeli Drone Company Percepto Outmaneuvers the FAA to Expand its BVLOS Flights

     Percepto, the Israeli UAV company, is well-known for its ability to navigate through and around the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) byzantine regulations relating to drones.  Last November, Percepto was the first US company to receive a nationwide exemption to conduct autonomous Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations at its infrastructure sites.  So, this... Read More

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  • Chinese Companies Are Pioneering the Development of “Transmedium” Drones

     Some drones fly; other drones swim.  Is it possible for a single drone to do both? Several Chinese companies are currently in the forefront of developing drones that can launch from the water and become airborne or plunge into the watery depths from the sky. These “transmedium” drones could one day revolutionize the way... Read More

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