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  • SkyDrive is Preparing to Launch Drone Taxis in South Carolina

    Drone taxis are coming to America, and sooner than you think. A Japanese drone company, Sky Drive, recently established an office in Beaumont, South Carolina and two local airports – one in Columbia, another in Spartanburg – have signed off on the idea.  The earliest drone models will likely be two seaters, one for the... Read More

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  • For Remote Aerial Package Deliveries, Zipline and Flytrex Are Hard to Beat

    Not all remote aerial package delivery companies are enjoying enormous success these days.  But two state-of-the-art drone delivery companies– Zipline and Flytrex — achieved important new milestones last week, placing them at the forefront of the field. Silicon Valley-based Zipline, which first garnered global headlines when it pioneered emergency medical supply flights to Rwanda via... Read More

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  • FAA Is Moving Ahead With Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Inspection Operations

    Under growing pressure from the drone industry, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is moving ahead with new waiver approvals for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) inspection operations at major US grid facilities. Last week, the FAA approved the application of Skydio – a ;pioneer in autonomous drone technology –  for expanded BVLOS flights at... Read More

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  • With FAA Support, Joby Pushes Ahead with Drone Taxis

     Are “flying taxis” a Jetsonian fantasy?  Or could passenger drones –with proper regulation – soon become an integral part of the urban transportation landscape?  The debate has raged for years, with naysayers pooh-poohing the idea on two counts:  First, the persistent air traffic risk of autonomous drone flights, especially ones involving human passengers, and... Read More

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  • Are Hydrogen-Powered Drones the Wave of the Future?

    Drones powered by lithium ion batteries have dominated the drone market for well over a decade. But the search for alternatives is beginning to bear fruit. Hydrogen fuel cell batteries offer a robust storage capacity that can allow drones formerly limited to 20 to 30 minutes of continuous flying time to go for 100 minutes... Read More

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  • Reforestation by Drone

    Deforestation is a global environmental challenge but has hit the African continent especially hard.  Sierra Leone, for example, has lost 30% of its natural forest since 2000 alone.  Climate change and the effects of excess logging operations are largely responsible for the problem.  The national government, under pressure from the United Nations and other international... Read More

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  • In the UK, A Sudden Surge in Medical Supply Deliveries by Drone

    Mass retailers like Amazon and Walmart continue to dominate the global headlines when it comes to news about remote package deliveries by drone.  But based on actual flights, it’s the aerial delivery of badly needed medical supplies, not consumer goods, that is surging worldwide.  In Africa and increasingly in the United States, small innovative drone... Read More

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  • Anytime, Any Mile?  Mitsubishi Prepares to Launch An Ambitious “Next Generation” Drone Logistics System

    For decades, Mitsubishi has been at the forefront of creating emissions reducing technologies, electric cars and hybrid vehicles designed to preserve and sustain the natural environment.  Its latest offering, the Outlander PHEV, is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with hybrids. But the multi-billion dollar Japanese technology company isn’t finished. Buoyed by its growing success,... Read More

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  • Should Underwater Drones Replace Human Divers?

    Underwater drones are often touted for their ability to replace human divers in a number of critical missions, including dam and dock inspections and search and rescue operations.  Drones can generally perform these missions faster and at greater depths and can reduce their safety risk and the operational costs, often substantially.  A growing number of... Read More

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  • The German MUM is the Mother of All Drone Subs

    Unmanned underwater vehicles – or UUVs – come in all shapes and sizes.  But nothing quite compares to the Modifiable Underwater Mothership – or MUM – that is being developed in Germany. German shipbuilder TKMS is designing its new sub – reportedly the largest in the world when fully commercialized  – to perform a wide... Read More

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