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  • More High Schools and Colleges Are Adopting Drone Pilot Education Programs 

    On its website, the Texas-based Dee Howard Foundation says its mission is “to inspire, educate, and secure access for our youth to pursue careers in aerospace, in partnership with our industry, technology, and education ecosystem.”  Traditionally, Dee Howard has focused its programs on career preparation for commercial airline pilots.  But recent years have witnessed a... Read More

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  • Drone Collects DNA Samples in Trees to Learn More About Animal and Insect Life

    Identifying humans based on their unique DNA signature is a widely recognized science.  Less well known is the use of DNA to identify species of animals and insects.  Conservationists have been collecting DNA animal and insect evidence based on water and soil samples for several years.  But collecting samples on arboreal creatures living in tall... Read More

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  • Drones Assist Idaho Officials to Clean Up a Hazardous Nuclear Test Site

    Cleaning up former weapons and nuclear energy test sites is a job fraught with peril.  The threat of spreading radioactive contamination to nearby communities is one obvious risk; another is the very real possibility of poisoning the workers charged with the waste removal.  Safety protocols are strict and the need to secure approval from various... Read More

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  • New Drone Technology May Soon Be Available for 24-7 Search-and-Rescue

    Drone-mounted thermal imaging cameras are a boon to law enforcement agencies in their search for lost and missing persons.  Once airborne, police drones can often identify lost or missing persons in a matter of minutes by their heat signature alone.  But the technology’s not fool-proof:  it’s most effective in the cold and at night when... Read More

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  • New GAO Report Cites Major Obstacles to FAA Approval of Drone Flights

    Drone operators have long complained about the lack of clear guidelines from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for obtaining waivers and exemptions from the agency’s strict guidelines on their advanced flight operations.  For example, between fiscal year 2019 and fiscal year 2021, the FAA received a total of 17,098 Part 107 waiver requests but approved... Read More

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  • Recreational Drone Flier Captures Special Moments in the Life of Aquatic Animals

     Drone enthusiasts have been filming fish and sea mammals for years. Mostly, it’s been scientists seeking to document aquatic migration, predation and mating patterns.  With drones, scientists have learned intimate details about the habitats and life conditions of sharks, seals and sea turtles – among other species – that earlier field researchers, using more... Read More

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  • China’s Remote Delivery Drones Continue to Outpace Their US and European Rivals

    While the launch of new drone cargo and remote package delivery operations in the United States and Europe has made global headlines of late, China, the world’s leading drone manufacturer and technology developer, refuses to be outdone.  In recent weeks, two Chinese companies have announced an expansion of their own remote delivery operations – with... Read More

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  • A New Approach to Reducing Drone Noise Pollution

    Drone industry defenders have often bristled at the suggestion that drones are any louder than other sources of noise, especially vehicle traffic.   In one study funded by NASA, the authors suggested that consumers are simply more accustomed to hearing traffic noise.  But most noise experts disagree.  The problem isn’t really the decibel level of the... Read More

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  • Hawaii’s MAMBA Drone Is Saving Rare Endangered Plant Species

     Crop management continues to occupy center stage in the burgeoning drone industry.  But as technology advances, agricultural missions are evolving far beyond basic aerial surveying and boundary management.  Some drones are equipped to seed and spray farms with fertilizers and pesticides – without the need for remote piloting, and in precise amounts based on... Read More

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  • U.N. World Food Programme Turns to Drones for Flood Management

    Many areas of the world are prone to massive floods, brought on by extreme weather events, including cyclones.  A good example is the impoverished African nation of Mozambique which suffers recurring cyclones.  Back in 2018, Mozambique suffered two cyclones in the space of a month that left tens of thousands of displaced people without food,... Read More

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