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  • More Local Police Departments Turn to Drones to Enhance Their Enforcement Operations

    Two more local police departments have joined the growing list of law enforcement agencies that have turned to drones to enhance their criminal pursuit and search-and rescue operations. In Blaine, Minnesota, police have turned to private businesses and foundations to finance the purchase of a single drone equipped with advanced video and thermal imaging features.... Read More

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  • Japan’s Devastating Earthquake Highlights the Expanding Role of Drones in Disaster Relief

     The recent devastating earthquakes in Japan have highlighted the need for a full-scale emergency response effort that can save lives and rapidly assess and mitigate the damage. Ground crews, road vehicles and conventional aircraft still shoulder most of the burden for rescuing earthquake victims and providing medical supplies and long-term disaster relief.  But specially... Read More

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  • Africa Drone Pioneer Wingcopter Expands Its Medical Deliveries Inside Germany

    Wingcopter, one of the world’s leading drone delivery companies, is moving to expand its operations in the medical supply niche.  In the past, the company has focused on achieving a sterling track record of performance in Africa – much like the South San Francisco-based company Zipline.  But now the company is coming home – to... Read More

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  • These Could Be the Five Best Camera Drones on the Market in 2024

    What’s the best camera drone currently on the market?  Consumer Tested Reviews (CTR) has sampled dozens, and based on their affordability, ease of use, durability and portability, 5 in particular are stand-outs.  They’re all modestly priced and can allow even inexperienced drone fliers to begin shooting short but dazzling professional quality videos of local events... Read More

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  • China-Based DJI Joins the Retail Drone Delivery Market

    China-based DJI – the world’s largest UAV manufacturer and supplier – has just entered the U.S. drone delivery market.  It’s a bold move that comes amid growing competition from major US- and Europe-based companies that have secured important regulatory waivers from the FAA in recent months, allowing them to make longer distance deliveries, potentially at... Read More

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  • Drone Soccer Movement is Spreading Worldwide

     Learning about drones could be one way to pique younger students’ interest in STEM topics, educators insist.  In fact, a growing number of high schools are incorporating drone classes into their standard curricula for just this reason.  But how to get kids interested in drones in the first place?  Through drone “soccer,” some say.... Read More

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  • Brazil Turns to Drones to Spur Major Reforestation Initiatives

    Brazil is the world’s latest country to turn to UAVs to launch a series of high-profile reforestation initiatives.  Drones can assist these efforts by conducting aerial surveys to identify devastated regions and then following up with precision spraying of seeds and fertilizer to stimulate new tree growth.  Drones are especially useful for seeding remote mountainous... Read More

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  • There’s A New Role for Inspection Drones in Power Grid Management

    Power grid inspections have emerged as a critical operational role for unmanned aerial aircraft.  Flying alongside electricity power lines, UAVs can speed the inspection process, slashing operational costs and minimizing the safety risk incurred by field crews.  Drones, equipped with zoom cameras and sensors, can also identify sources of sparking and fraying in power lines,... Read More

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  • Brookhaven, Georgia’s Police Department Joins the Nation’s “Drone as First Responder” Program

    The Brookhaven, Georgia police department (BPD) recently became the 15th law enforcement agency nationwide to join the Drone as First Responder or DFR program.  The innovative program, first announced two months ago, will allow the department to dispatch UAVs to potential crime scenes in response to 911 calls.  The drones hover overhead, allowing arriving BPD... Read More

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