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  • Drone Search-and-Rescue Missions Surged in 2022

    The continuing growth of the drone industry in 2022 brought with it an upsurge in the number of search-and-rescue missions aided by unmanned aerial aircraft.  These missions are some of the most poignant and emotionally gratifying activities associated with drone use.  Typically, the drones are under the command and control of local law enforcement and... Read More

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  • Police Agencies in Mexico Look North for Drone Inspiration

    Law enforcement agencies across the country are beginning to warm up to drones.  It’s not hard to figure out why.  Drones can aid police operations in three major areas:  tracking fleeing criminal suspects, surveying crime scenes and finding and rescuing missing persons.  The added upfront expense of a drone is more than made up for... Read More

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  • DJI’s New Mini 3 May Be Ideal for Recreational Fliers

    DJI so thoroughly dominates the global drone market that it’s hard not to take notice of any new DJI product offering.  And the new DJI Mini 3, which the company has billed as a stripped-down version of its popular DJI Mini 3 Pro, is no exception. The Mini 3 is about $200 cheaper and has... Read More

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  • Durango, Colorado Police Eagerly Deploy Their New Drones

    Many law enforcement agencies nationwide have discovered the utility of drones for supporting their crime-fighting missions.  Often these agencies stumble upon these missions as they arise, and conventional methods prove limited.  Last month, a Durango, Colorado patrol car spotted a vehicle speeding madly down a state highway.  The officer chased the car for miles on... Read More

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  • Drone Taxis:  Next-Generation Drone or Futuristic Fantasy?

    Is the “Jetson” age finally upon us?   If you talk to some in the drone industry, flying automobiles are just around the corner.  But are they?  Sure, the technology is there, or almost there, to support a drone that can carry passengers, or more likely, a single passenger, but is there a legal and regulatory... Read More

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  • Hamilton County’s Flagship Drone Command Vehicle Improves Emergency Response Operations  

    As drone use becomes increasingly widespread among law enforcement agencies located in nearby jurisdictions, it is only natural that they’ve begun to collaborate and share their drone resources whenever needed.  But Chattanooga is the first major city in Tennessee – and one of the first anywhere – to purchase and deploy a drone “command” vehicle... Read More

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  • Drones Prove Their Worth in Sea Turtle Conservation

    Turtle nesting is a huge attraction to foreign tourists.  Late at night and into the predawn hours, the large sea creatures lumber from the surf onto sandy beaches, dig large holes and deposit their eggs.  Sadly, over the years, many large sea turtles have become vulnerable to poachers, who can steal and sell their prized... Read More

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  • Drone Remote Delivery Services Announce Ambitious Plans for Expansion

    Remote aerial delivery via drone is back in the news this week.  Amazon, which is preparing to roll out its long-delayed Prime Air service in two small rural towns before the end of the year, has just announced the development of a second drone prototype designed for rapid package deliveries to consumers in Boston and... Read More

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  • Aerial Drones Are Becoming More Bird-Like Every Day

    Drones are often considered to be mechanical versions of birds.  In fact, drone designers often study real life birds as they seek to equip their drones with a deft maneuverability beyond the capability of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft,  So, it’s hardly surprising that a new drone model has just emerged with a distinctly avian... Read More

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  • Drones Are Critical for Ensuring Dam Safety

    Since 2017, drones have been prohibited from flying within 300-400 feet of critical national infrastructure.  Of the 12 facilities on the national drone “no-fly” list, 8 are hydroelectric dams.  Their importance to the survival of surrounding communities is deemed so vital that no commercial or recreational drone is allowed to fly near them. But that... Read More

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