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  • Drones in South Carolina:  Frustrated Businesses and Law Enforcement Agencies Want More State Support 

    South Carolina is one of a handful of US states, mostly located in the South, that has yet to experience a major drone industry “take off.”  The Virginia-based Mercatus Center, which ranks all 50 states in terms of their degree of “drone-friendliness,” places the Palmetto State at #43.  Even reliably conservative legislators have sought to... Read More

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  • Drones Could Help Save the Planet from Plastic Pollution

    In recent years, heart-rending images of dead or dying sea mammals and fish, their stomachs stuffed with plastic, have shocked citizens around the globe. Reports indicate that the amount of plastic dumped into the world’s oceans has tripled over the past decade. And unlike oil spills, which can be remedied with extensive and costly clean-up... Read More

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  • The Race is On: Greece is Fast-Tracking Its Commercial Drone Program

    Worried about recent threats from neighboring Turkey, its long-time Mediterranean rival,  Greece is fast-tracking the development of a new fleet of surveillance drones that can keep tabs on the nation’s vast island archipelago while sending a signal to its neighbor – which possesses its own increasingly robust armed drone industry – that Greece is not... Read More

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  • New York’s Drone Test Site Approved for Expanded Flights

    New York ranks 36th on the list of US states deemed ready to expand their drone industry, according to the Virginia-based Mercatus Center which ranks all 50 states annually.  So it is surprising, perhaps, that the Empire State has the privilege of serving as one of just seven sites approved by the Federal Aviation Administration... Read More

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  • With Fewer Regulatory Restrictions, Drones Could One Day Replace Small Planes and Helicopters

    Drones are becoming so popular with businesses and consumers that it’s often forgotten that other aircraft are still filling critical niches in today’s economy.  Moreover, they will likely do so for years to come, no matter how useful and cost-effective drones may become. The reason isn’t necessarily a diehard refusal by ‘“late adopters” to leave... Read More

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  • Could Drones Play a Role in Police Hostage Negotiations?

    Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have an important role to play as auxiliary support for police and law enforcement operations.  One of their most important law enforcement roles is surveilling and tracking criminal suspects, especially during high speed chases in tunnels, alleyways or remote mountainous terrain beyond ready access to road vehicles and manned helicopters. Drone... Read More

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  • Drones Make Closing Business Deals Easier, More Sustainable

    The onset of the COVID-19 in early 2020 wreaked havoc on American businesses, forcing many to shutter their doors.  For prospective buyers, the pandemic also complicated their due diligence efforts:  Sheltered in place, many were unable to survey prospective properties in person but were forced to rely on photographs posted online.  Investors and purchasers became... Read More

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  • China is Pioneering the Use of Drones for Firefighting

    Each summer and early fall the United States and China face massive destructive wildfires, with devastating consequences for homes and property, which each year are becoming worse.  But there’s an important difference in how the two countries are responding to this growing challenge.  America continues to rely heavily – and stubbornly — on conventional manned... Read More

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  • Landfill Surveying is Emerging as a Critical Drone Mission

    Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can conduct a panoply of important missions, saving time and money and reducing safety risks.  But none, perhaps, is more fundamental than conducting aerial surveys – or site mapping.   UAV farm and mine surveys have gained enormous public attention in recent years, and several of the nation’s leading farm and mining... Read More

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  • Can Drones Replace Helicopters?

    As drones continue to fill the nation’s skies, law enforcement agencies that rely upon helicopters for a variety of missions are debating whether drones might be cheaper and more effective performing in the same roles, and if so, whether they should replace their entire helicopter fleet with unmanned aircraft. Most police forces, it seems, are... Read More

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