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  • How Important Are Drone Radio Frequencies?

    All devices that rely on electronic communications send and receive transmissions across a specific radio frequency.  Drones are no exception.  Does one frequency range provide better performance than another?  What are the most common radio frequencies employed?  It turns out that the range of frequencies used is quite wide and varies on several factors, including... Read More

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  • A Chronic Shortage of Qualified Drone Pilots

    The commercial drone industry is growing by leaps and bounds but still faces some major hurdles. One of those hurdles is the prohibitive regulatory environment, which is slowly being loosened to accommodate rapid drone expansion.  But the rising demand for drones could end up being hindered by an unforeseen problem: the growing shortage in the... Read More

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  • Beyond Photography: Drones Can Clean and Sparkle, Too!

    Falls from scaffolds, lifts and ladders are the nation’s leading source of workplace fatalities, about 5,000 annually.  Many of them are construction workers; others are window washers that work on skyscrapers. They often hang precariously, from unstable platforms, at altitudes of 300 feet or more.  How can these workers be better protected?  Equip a drone... Read More

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  • Can Eagles and Falcons Be Deployed as Drone Hunters?

    What’s the best anti-drone technology money can buy?  For the Dutch police, it’s no technology at all.  It’s birds, specifically eagles. Back in 2016, law enforcement officials in Amsterdam were training the large raptors to snatch unlawfully flying drones from the sky and then do what eagles do best: take their prey to a nest... Read More

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  • Chula Vista’s Police Department Has Become a Drone Industry Pioneer

    Most drone innovation is associated with private businesses, especially small start-ups.  But in some cases a local government agency takes the lead.  Take the case of the Chula Vista (California) Police Department (CVPD).  As far back as 2015, the CVPD partnered with the federal government to develop a drone program that could bolster the emergency... Read More

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  • With “Drone in a Box,” UAVs Become Fully Autonomous

     Imagine if your drone never needed to be piloted remotely or carted to a charging station or storage locker.  Once fully programmed, it flew all of its missions on its own, without any hands-on support, and when needed, it re-charged and stored itself.   Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?  Well, it’s not just a fantasy.  That’s... Read More

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  • America’s Landscape Industry May Soon Turn to Drones

    Drones occupy a highly visible place in contemporary American farm and livestock management.  But their emerging role in pest control in the nation’s greenhouses and nurseries, while less heralded, may be just as important.  Relatively small insect and bacterial infestations can wreak havoc on the trees, shrubs, plants and flowers that have become staples of... Read More

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  • Drones Could Become Critical to Success in Organ Transplants

    Drones are being used to transport badly needed medical supplies – often across distances of several thousands of miles – to remote villages in Africa, for example, and even to isolated rural areas in the United States.  But there’s one kind of supply mission that requires special care – the transport of harvested human organs. ... Read More

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  • Some Drones in Africa Have Become “Electronic” Park Rangers

    Drones play a well-known role in wildlife conservation by monitoring endangered species in their natural habitats; they can also track and deter the same species’ predators.  However, not all of these predators are wild animals.  Human poachers throughout Africa regularly capture and kill elephants and rhinoceroses to harvest their tusks and horns for sale on... Read More

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  • Drones in U.S. National Parks: Banned or Not?

    The short answer is, yes, drones are banned in US national parks.  The main law governing the issue is Policy Memorandum 14-05, issued by the National Park Service (NPS) on June 19, 2014.  It was intended as an interim policy, but the NPS web page suggests that it is still in force. Policy Memorandum 14-05... Read More

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