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  • Turkey’s Armed Drone Industry

    Turkey’s drone industry is one of the world’s most robust.  It’s also one of the world’s most controversial.  That’s because the Turkish government of President Tayyip Erdogan has made the development and export of armed drones a top national security priority, and a symbol of the nation’s global influence and prestige.  Turkish drone exports have... Read More

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  • The View from Below: Some Drones Are Developing “Tunnel” Vision

    Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have assumed an increasing number of functional roles within industry but few are as important as inspecting damaged infrastructure.  Yet, most of the attention to date has focused on outdoor inspections of bridges, electric grids, highways and buildings.  Less well known is the emerging role of drones in deep tunnel inspections... Read More

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  • Here Comes the Sun:  Solar-Powered Drones Are Rising Fast

    Solar energy panels and drones are two of the most dynamic technologies sweeping the country.  It stands to reason that scientists and engineers would one day find a way to tie the two together.  In fact, they have.  But, until recently, even scaled down solar panels were too thick and heavy to be installed safely... Read More

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  • South Korea Emerges as World Leader in Drone Innovation

    South Korea has joined the growing list of countries intent on developing a robust commercial drone program.  The nation’s domestic drone market grew by more than seven times, from $56 million in 2016 to $398 million in 2020 – ranking it far behind China’s but still well ahead of Japan’s.  Yet, many industry experts say... Read More

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  • Reality Behind the Hype:  The DJI FPV Drone 

     The DJI FPV drone is a hot commodity these days.  It’s widely touted in the industry as state of the art – a drone suitable to be flown by beginner and expert alike.  Its manufacturer calls it a “groundbreaking ready-to-fly FPV drone that lets users of any skill level feel the thrill of immersive... Read More

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  • Opportunities and Obstacles in India’s Drone Market

    India, like Japan, is a relative newcomer to the global drone market – but that’s about to change. With the globe’s second largest population, India remains a highly agriculture-dependent economy, with an enormous agro-export sector that ranks seventh worldwide. That means the country has a persistent need for drones that can map, inspect and fertilize... Read More

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  • New Report Calls for Higher Drone Production Safety Standards

    Drones are widely viewed as facilitating safety at the workplace and on the nation’s roads and highways.  But how safe is the process by which the drones themselves are manufactured?  In a recent study published in Collegiate Aviation Review International, Purdue University researchers Pratik Jadhav and Damon Lercel found that current standards governing the production... Read More

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  • Get Ready for the First Drone “Superhighway”

    Imagine your company wanted to launch a commercial drone into urban airspace and didn’t have to worry about flight restrictions of any kind – ever.  And neither did any other company operating in your same area.  That’s the idea behind “Skyway,” an initiative launched in the UK earlier this year to create the world’s first... Read More

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  • Despite the Burgeoning Global Demand for Drones, More Countries Are Banning Them

    Most of the world, until fairly recently, had no laws in place either limiting or promoting the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).  It’s often been a dramatic incident – such as the 2015 crash of a drone into the president’s home in Japan –  that spurred regulatory action by officials. The initial framework adopted... Read More

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  • Drones’ Commercial Future May Depend on Wireless Charging

    Extending the limited flight time of commercial drones remains a major operational and technological challenge.  Some see the solution in smaller, lighter-weight batteries with greater storage capacity.  Others suggest the need for prepositioned drone docking stations.  But the best long-term solution may be the development of a wireless charging capability which allows the drone to... Read More

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