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  • Calls Growing for Federal Action to Combat Drone Espionage

    Drone industry watchers have debated for years how vulnerable their aircraft are to being hacked.  Some opportunistic companies have promoted dire and unrealistic scenarios of terrorists wresting control of commercial drones to attack and destroy US installations or commercial buildings much as Bin Laden did during 9/11.  Drone experts discount those fears, noting that no... Read More

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  • Drone’s Biggest Flop Is About to Make a Comeback

    It was once considered the drone industry’s biggest flop.  Ten years ago, Jeff Bezos, then President and CEO at Amazon, announced plans to start delivering the company’s products directly to your doorstep – or rather, your backyard – in a matter of minutes.   It sounded gimmicky, and it was.  The plan ran into a host... Read More

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  • More Drones Are Monitoring America’s Southern Border

    Protecting America’s 2000-mile long southern border with Mexico is a major component of our country’s national security strategy.  The clandestine pathways that allow tens of thousands of illegal immigrants to try to cross the border each year are the same ones that facilitate the entry of drug gangs, terrorists and sex traffickers.  In theory, unmanned... Read More

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  • Next Generation Lithium-Sulfur Batteries Could Improve Drone Performance

    One of the big challenges drone users face is how to keep their battery powered up during an extended flight.  While drone batteries are large and relatively heavy, they do not actually store large amounts of electricity.  It’s often frustrating to drone users to have to abort or cut short a flight because their vehicle’s... Read More

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  • Wind Drones Explore the Uncharted Depths of The World’s Oceans

    How much do we really know about the dynamics of the world’s vast oceans?  Very little, according to Sebastien de Helleux, a French computer scientist and explorer who has pioneered the use of wind drones –  or unmanned surface vehicles (USV) – to study the ocean’s uncharted depths.  In a TED talk  delivered last year,... Read More

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  • Detect-and-Avoid Technology Can Avert Mid-Air Drone Collisions

    With so many drones filling the nation’s skies, it’s no wonder that the threat of commercial and private aircraft colliding with one has become an issue of concern to federal regulators and pilots alike.  A 2017 report commissioned by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) sought to compare the likely damage caused by a mid-air collision... Read More

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  • Drone-Like “Hexa” Joins the US Special Operations Arsenal

     It looks like a giant drone but flies just like a helicopter.  But the US Air Force (USAF)’s experimental new “Hexa” – standing ten feet tall with a “halo” of 18 separate propellers that give the aircraft its unusual vertical takeoff and landing capability – is clearly designed for combat support, though its likely... Read More

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  • More U.S. Police Agencies Employing Drones

    A growing number of law enforcement agencies have begun using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for mass surveillance, crime investigation, search and rescue operations, locating stolen goods, and surveying land and infrastructure.  As of 2019, about 350 law enforcement agencies in 43 U.S. states were using UAVs to assist officers in the field.  But that number of drones... Read More

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  • Farmers Using Drones to Help Prevent Crop Damage from Birds and Bugs

    Could drones be effective as aerial scarecrows protecting the nation’s crops from bird pests? It’s an intriguing possibility that researchers at Washington State University (WSU) are exploring through a series of field tests over the state’s vast farmlands. The first test, conducted two years ago, found that manually operated drones, doing random flights, successfully drove... Read More

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  • Precision Aerial Has Become Southern Africa’s First Advanced Drone Training Program

    On June 11 & 12, 2022, Zimbabwe’s Hillcrest College hosted its annual Technology Expo. Companies in attendance this year represented fields of computer sciences, securities, and robotics. One of the most visited vendors at the expo was a local drone startup. Based out of Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, Precision Aerial has become Southern Africa’s... Read More

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