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  • Largest Power Company in Florida, Florida Power and Light (FPL), Using Drones To Maintain and Repair Powerlines

    Based out of Juno Beach, FL, Florida Power and Light (FPL) is the largest power utility company in Florida. Helping FPL maintain power services for more than 5million residential, commercial, and industrial customers is drone technology. While many utility companies in the United States have begun utilizing drones, FPL is considered a pioneer in how... Read More

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  • Restaurants and Supermarkets Begin Using Drones

    Drone technology has been making businesses run smoother across many industries. Before the coronavirus pandemic, stores like Walmart and Stop & Shop had even introduced roving drones to their stores for maintenance. In 2018, Walmart purchased 300 ICE RS26s aisle cleaning drones from Brain Corp. Walmart has fondly named the drone Auto-C. Around the same... Read More

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  • Lucid’s “Cleaning Drones” Teams Up With T-Mobile For Internet Connection While Cleaning Buildings

     When T-Mobile first introduced its Un-carrier program in 2013, it was to entice new customers to sign up with a range of benefits. These benefits included dropping contracts, subsidizing phones, extended data coverage, and more. Over time the Un-carrier programs began to include things like unlimited music and streaming bonuses, unlimited service when traveling... Read More

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  • The White House Working On “Domestic Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems National Action Plan”

    Drones represent one of the fastest growing commercial markets. They are being used in countless industries from science, research, and education to inspections, securities, entertainment, real estate, agriculture, logistics, and so much more. The majority of drone use in the United States proves that the technology is being used for good, particularly when used as... Read More

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  • Using Artificial Intelligence Software to Help Drones Fly During Windy Conditions

    It has been almost a decade since Jeff Bezos announced that Amazon Prime members would be able to receive orders in an hour or less with drone technology. Unfortunately, the idea of drone enabled deliveries was far more complex than Bezos anticipated. However, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has been working tirelessly with drone manufacturers... Read More

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  • Drone Company, XAG Is Dedicated To Agricultural Production

    In 2007, with the support of several colleagues, Peng Bin formed XAIRCRAFT exploring how drone applications could be used commercially for inspections, scientific research, and search and rescue operations. By 2014, the company was renamed XAG after finding its niche market, agriculture. Today, as proudly stated on the company website, “XAG is dedicated to bringing... Read More

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  • DroneSeed Uses Drones For Planting Trees

    Forests are havens for animal and plant biodiversity, provide us with food, natural resources, and job opportunities, are a barrier to natural disasters like landslides, and are natural carbon sinks. On average, the world’s forests absorb 16 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide, more than 40% of global fossil fuel emissions. According to the Environmental... Read More

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