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  • Researchers Used Drones to Count Birds on Falkland Islands

    The Falkland Islands are an archipelago that is about 752 miles from the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula and is home to more than 63 species of birds, 16 of which are endemic to the Falklands. However, many of the archipelago’s birds have declined in numbers due to the introduction of invasive predators like... Read More

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  • Conspiracy Theory: “Birds Aren’t Real” – So Are they Drones??

    Since the FAA approved the first police drone program in Chula Vista, CA, there have been no reported incidents of police misuse of drones. Still, there are always those who believe that the government will use drones to spy on them. Perhaps that is why the “Birds Aren’t Real” conspiracy theory has become so popular.... Read More

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  • Ukraine Military Using Bayraktar Drone For Defense

    On September 14, 1814, 35 year old Francis Scott Key wrote a poem called “Defence of Fort M’Henry” after watching the Battle of Baltimore. Inspired by how the flag, the star-spangled banner, survived the bombardment of British forces, Key penned the words that would go on to become the national anthem of the United States... Read More

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  • US Military Designs Laser That Can Bring Down Drones

     While the demand for drones in commercial industries in the United States has grown exponentially, the US Armed Forces still comprise the largest sector of drone research and development. In 2019, the Navy requested a $9.93billion budget for drones, a $1billion increase from the previous year. Collaborating with some of the most prestigious aeronautical... Read More

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  • Connecticut’s State Senate Votes to Increase Drones For Traffic Monitoring and Roadway/Bridge Inspections

    On Tuesday, April 19, 2022, Connecticut’s State Senate, led by Sen. Will Haskell, voted 34 to 2 on a transportation bill that would see increases in traffic monitoring cameras and a formal integration of drones into the Department Of Transportation (DOT). Reinforcing existing traffic monitoring cameras and introducing new ones, Sen. Haskell explains, will help... Read More

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  • Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team in Scotland Using Drones To Help Find Trapped Climbers

    Every year, hundreds of thousands of people venture out to explore the beauty of the Scottish landscape. It has long been a favorite destination for outdoor enthusiasts like hikers and mountaineers. But even the most experienced person can run into trouble while out on a trek. According to statistics taken by Scottish Mountain Rescue, a... Read More

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