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  • New Report Identifies 7 Key Drone Industry Trends for 2024

    Commercial UAV News has just released its end-of-the year report identifying 7 key trends that will shape the drone industry in 2024.  Sales growth and the opening of new drone markets, especially in Asia, are only the most obvious signs of the industry’s ongoing success, the report notes.  Fueling this success, which will accelerate rapidly... Read More

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  • Overair Could Be the Drone Taxi Company to Watch

    Joby, Archer, Volocopter and EHang are all racing ahead to become the first drone companies to commercialize their air taxis.  But first to market doesn’t guarantee sales endurance.  The first drone passenger vehicles will have to prove their airworthiness in a few trial roles – as elite passenger shuttles and troop transports, for example –... Read More

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  • Long Range Drones With Extended Battery Power Are Filling Critical Commercial Niches

    Expanding the scope and duration of drone flights is essential for extending drone missions into key commercial niches like infrastructure inspections and fertilizer and pesticide spraying over large agricultural farms.  One way to address this growing challenge is to use larger batteries with more storage capacity.  But there’s a trade-off:  larger batteries –for example, lithium... Read More

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  • Iceland’s Dramatic Volcano Eruption Captured in Amazing Drone Footage

     Iceland’s recent volcanic eruption stunned and amazed the country’s residents but also citizens around the globe.  That’s because recreational drone fliers were able to film the eruption in real time, and to post their videos online.  Coast Guard helicopters circled the volcano and filmed its massive lava flows but stayed at a safe and... Read More

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  • Walmart and Wing Establish a New Drone Hub in North Texas

    Four months ago, Walmart announced that it was beginning store deliveries by drone from its super store outlet in Frisco, a town of 210,000 residents located in North Texas.  At the time, Walmart said it would start drone deliveries in another North Texas town “soon” – but it didn’t say where.  Last week, it disclosed... Read More

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  • Britain’s National Health Service Wants to Expand Drone Use in Northern England

    The British National Health Service wants to fast-track deliveries of emergency medical supplies to hospitals in Northumbria using drones.  It’s a great idea that promises to bring speedy relief to tens of thousands of patients in this remote difficult-to-access region.  But the plan has run into a snag: Local pilots groups and airports oppose the... Read More

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  • Aeromao Introduces the World’s First Water-Landing Drone

     The most amazing thing about the new VT-NAUT fixed-wing drone manufactured by Aeromao is its uncanny resemblance to an eagle in flight.  From a distance, it’s not easy to distinguish the two, which could one day make the craft enormously useful to Pentagon planners as a stealth reconnaissance plane, operating deep behind enemy lines. ... Read More

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  • Like their Aerial Counterparts, Underwater Drones Are Surging

    The popular image of a “drone” is a noisy bird-like contraption that whirs and clatters overhead, collecting video footage or making a food delivery.  But drones not only fly, they swim, too.  Underwater drones, or UUVs, as they’re sometimes called, are beginning to fulfill just as many commercial niches as their aerial counterparts.  In fact,... Read More

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  • Rotor Technologies Introduces the Largest Helicopter Drone on the Market

     It looks like a helicopter and flies just like one, but the newly-minted RX550X – the largest uncrewed whirlybird to be approved for production and sale starting in 2024 – has many advantages not found on the standard manned version of the aircraft. For one thing, there’s room for a higher payload – about... Read More

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  • More U.S. Schools Embrace Industry-Sponsored Drone Training Programs

    A growing number of U.S. high schools are incorporating drones into their curricula to help spur interest in STEM education and to open up a new career path in aviation.  One of the latest schools to do so is Hartford, CT-based Middletown High School which first embraced drones several years ago but is now refining... Read More

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