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  • Offshore Wind Turbines Being Inspected By Aerial and Underwater Drones

    Around the world, government, public, and private agencies are working towards increasing the use of renewable energy sources to help combat and reverse the negative impacts of global climate change. One of the more promising sources of renewable energy for large scale use is wind energy. Wind farms are being built all over the world... Read More

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  • Medical Drone Deliveries

    In 2014, Keller Rinaudo set out on a mission to enable medical deliveries via drones. Headquartered out of San Fransisco, by 2016, Keller’s Zipline drones had begun the humanitarian work of transporting medical supplies like blood, vaccines, and medications to remote regions of Rwanda. With the success of the pilot drone program, Zipline expanded operations... Read More

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  • The US Sends Drones to Ukraine To Help The Ukrainian Military

    When it comes to conflict and military operations, it’s hard to not to think about drones. The United States, though not the first to use them, pioneered the way drones were used in military operations during the mid 1990’s to early 2000’s. Drones like the famed MQ-1 Predator were integral in US military operations in... Read More

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  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology Wins $2 Million Prize From DARPA For Their Drone System Called “CERBERUS”

    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) of the United States is responsible for conducting research and developing technologies for military use. Universities and private research companies throughout the world have all collaborated with DARPA to bring forth technological advancements. Many of these projects go on to be used for military purposes, while others are... Read More

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  • Oregon State University’s Marine Mammal Institute Using Drones to Study Whales

    In 1982, Oregon State University (OSU) founded the Marine Mammal Institute (MMI) to better understand and protect the creatures living off the coast of Oregon. Dr. Bruce Mate led the institute from 1983-2019, laying the foundations of how technology like satellites can help in marine mammal studies.  Today, OSU’s marine mammal studies programs are recognized... Read More

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  • Using Drones to Find Meteorites

    When trying to locate something hidden in a vast area, having a bird’s eye point of view can increase your chances of success. That is why drones have become critical tools in search and rescue missions. A pilot flies the drone through a prescribed grid, scanning the area below. The drone’s high definition and thermal... Read More

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  • How the Drone Industry Has Grown During the Past 2 Years of Covid

    This month marks the 2nd anniversary of when the United States, and much of the world, entered an extended period of lock downs to curb the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). As of March 14, 2022, there have been 456,790,241 confirmed cases and 6,040,665 deaths globally from COVID19. With 79,517,492 confirmed cases and 967,552 deaths,... Read More

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  • Agricultural Drones Are Showed Off During the “Agweek” Farm Show

    For the last 40 years, Rochester, Minnesota, has been holding the Agweek Farm Show. In 2021, Agweek was a virtual event, but from March 8-9, 2022, the show returned to Graham Arenas at the Olmsted County Fairgrounds. Agweek’s manager, Eric Olson, said that this year’s event would touch upon modern farming practices such as urban... Read More

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