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  • Due to Shortages in Staffing, Dallas Police Officers Using Drones to Help With the Job

    Dallas, Texas is just one of the many cities in the US that is facing a staffing crisis, a shortage that is greatly affecting emergency services. Dallas City Councilwoman Cara Mendelsohn apologized for delayed 911 response times as the department struggles to find dispatchers. She said that the city had begun offering bonuses and pulling... Read More

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  • Using Drones to Maintain and Monitor Product Inventory

    One of the cornerstones of any retail business is maintaining accurate inventory data. Whether it is a company selling, for example, automobiles or one that sells the parts for the automobiles, it is vital to know exactly how much product you have and where these products are located. To keep track of everything in warehouses,... Read More

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  • A New Drone that Can Detect Guns

    While gun laws are an extremely controversial topic today, being an American citizen means you have the right to bear arms. Unfortunately, there are far too many situations where legally and illegally owned guns are misused. Leah LaSalla from Austin, Texas, decided to build a system that uses a drone to identify the presence of... Read More

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  • Phoenix Police Department To Use Drones Along with the Fire Department and Parks Department

    In 2016, Jeri L. Williams was appointed Police Chief of the Phoenix Police Department (PPD), serving more than 1 million residents over 516square miles. Under her leadership, the department has focused on a data-driven principle of policing. As explained by 25 year PPD veteran Assistant Chief Steve Martos, a data-driven police department uses technology gathered... Read More

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  • India Using Drones to Deliver Covid PPE’s, Medications, Vaccines and More

    With approximately 486,451 deaths due to COVID, India has by far been hit the hardest by the pandemic. There isn’t a solitary reason why India has been so greatly impacted by COVID. It is a combination of overcrowding, underfunding, understaffing, miscommunication, political unrest, environmental hazards, and inaccessibility to medical supplies. Eventually, with help from world... Read More

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  • Artist, Aydin Büyüktaş, Using Drones To Create Amazing and Stunning Photos

    In 1884, English theologian Edwin Abbott wrote the satirical short story Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions. The story has a dual subtext that questions Victorian societies and hierarchies as well as the idea of thinking about multiple dimensions. Though it was not widely popular during Edwin’s life, the idea of multiple dimensions he presented... Read More

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