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  • Conservationists Using Drones to Safely Monitor Wildlife

    Once again, drones are proving to be useful tools in fields that may surprise some.  Wildlife conservationist are part of a small group of dedicated individuals that hope to preserve wildlife and the environments that support them.  They also aim to study these animals in nature as much as possible to better understand them.  It... Read More

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  • The Benefits of Using Drones For Roof Inspections

    As any homeowner or building owner will attest, worrying about roof damage is a major concern.  When it comes to roof damage, small issues can easily become major problems.  The roof of a home or building takes the largest brunt of mother nature’s wrath, so much so that even a well installed roof is subject... Read More

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  • Porsche and Boeing Team Up to Create a Drone Taxi

    Drones were once a tool strictly used by military forces.  Then they became toys for those who could afford expensive gadgets, or hobbyist with a penchant for electronics.  Now their prices have dropped so dramatically that almost anyone can afford a drone of some type.  Drones are being used all over the world for countless... Read More

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  • The Flying Machine Arena is a Portable Space For Testing Drones

    In 1998 Rafaello D’Andrea founded the Cornell University Robot Soccer Team to compete in the Robot World Cup Initiative, otherwise known as RoboCup.  The purpose of RoboCup was to encourage research in the design and development of artificial intelligence and robots.  Under the directorship of D’Andrea the Cornell team went on to win RoboCup the... Read More

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  • ConocoPhillips Alaska Using Drones In the Oil Industry

    With their headquarters in Anchorage, ConocoPhillips Alaska is the third largest oil and gas company in the United States.  They are the world’s largest pure-play exploration and production company, meaning that they focus solely in the field of natural gasses.  They are the largest oil producer in Alaska and have been a leader in the... Read More

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  • Building Companies Plan On Using Drones In Future Construction Projects

    With an ever growing population, comes the need for continual construction projects.  People need homes, places to work, shop, relax, and so much more.  In any given town or city there will undoubtedly be some kind of ongoing construction project.  These projects take a lot of time, money and resources.  Lately construction teams have been... Read More

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  • Google’s Drone Company, Wing, to Begin Drone Deliveries

    In 2015, after some corporate restructuring, Alphabet Inc. became the parent company for Google and several Google subsidiaries.  One of these subsidiaries is Wing, a branch of the conglomerate that specializes in the development of drone technologies.  The main goal of Wing is to develop a drone that is capable of delivering small packages directly... Read More

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  • FAA Grants UPS License to Expand Drone Deliveries

    We’ve been waiting and waiting, and now it’s finally here!  Well, sort of.  Google, Amazon, Walmart, and UPS have all been competing to be the first service to offer deliveries via drones for some time now.  So which shipping conglomerate won the contract?  Congrats to UPS!  But before you get your hopes up and sit... Read More

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