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  • Using Drones to Count Penguin Populations

    When Dr. Heather Lynch, currently a Professor of Ecology and Evolution at Stony Brook University in New York, saw satellite images of what appeared to be guano stained rocks on Danger Island, Antarctica, she new a closer look was necessary.  She new that the pinkish red stain apparent in the images captured in 2014 were... Read More

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  • Video of an Amazon Blimp Unloading Delivery Drones (Concept)

    The Twitterverse recently freaked out after someone tweeted a video of a giant blimp emblazoned with the Amazon logo gliding over a community while releasing a swarm of delivery drones.  The video was originally created by a digital artist who goes by the handle @zozi009.  This video was meant to be a piece of digital... Read More

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  • The Different Kinds of Drones

    The basic definition of a drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle, an flying object without an onboard pilot.  Drones were originally built to be used in military applications that were deemed to dangerous for humans to be directly involved in.  Since their military inception the types of drones available and their applications have grown exponentially. ... Read More

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  • Drone Company, UVify Creates Out-Of-The-Box Racing Drones

    One of the fastest growing drone manufacturers is a small privately owned company by the name of UVify.  Co founded in 2014 by Hyon Lim and Chulwoo Park, UVify has offices in the US, Canada, China, and South Korea.  Their headquarters are in San Fransisco, CA, the heart of Silicon Valley.  They employ a small,... Read More

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  • Using Drones to Count Trees for Forest Carbon Credits

    Recently, the World Meteorological Organization reported that the carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere were at a level of 405 parts per million, higher than they have been in over 3 million years.  If the global community does not act promptly these levels will continue to rise reaching a catastrophic global warming crisis.  Greta Thunberg, a... Read More

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  • The History and Dominance of the Leading Drone Manufacturer: DJI

    With their headquarters in Shenzen, Guangdong, the Chinese technology company DJI has taken over the world of drone technologies.  They have manufacturing facilities all over the world and control 70% of the drone market.  They dominate in the design of drones and all the accessories needed to use drones like flight control systems, propulsion systems,... Read More

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  • Using Drones to Free Marine Life Tangled in Old Fishing Gear

    Every year hundreds of thousands of marine creatures become trapped in marine debris and discarded fishing gear.  Birds, turtles, dolphins, sharks, whales, and many other large sea creatures are becoming victims to fishing nets floating through the oceans.  And while of course a goal would be to eliminate the debris from the ocean, conservationists are... Read More

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  • Using Drones to Vaccinate Animals

    North America’s most endangered mammal is the Black Footed Ferret.  Until recently, the Black Footed Ferret (BFF) was thought to be extinct, but in central Montana a scant population of them have been found in the wild.  The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) estimates that there are around 370 BFFs in the wild today.  What has... Read More

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  • Scientists Use Drones To Collect Whale Snot

    How many times have you discretely (or not so discretely) backed away from someone after they sneeze?  Even if the sneezer covers their nose it’s instinct to move out of the way.  We are all well aware of the germs and grossness contained in the snotty mist being forced out from another human’s body at... Read More

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  • Scientists Using Drones to Track & Predict Tornadoes

    The spring to early summer of central North America is often considered tornado season.  The United States of America is hit with more tornadoes each year than any other region of the world.  The US averages around 1,200 tornadoes annually with the bulk of them hitting Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.  When these tornadoes strike they... Read More

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