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  • Space Drones to Help Revive Dying Satellites

    There are many countries, organizations, and private companies conducting various space explorations. This has mainly been fueled by the curiosity to discover what lies outside our planet and to help answer one of humankind’s oldest mysteries… is there life outside of earth? While this is a huge step in the right direction for humanity, space... Read More

  • Drones to be Used to Monitor Beaches for Sharks

    Following a recent incident where two children were bitten by sharks while swimming in the waters off of Fire Island, NY, drones have been monitoring Babylon’s Moses State Park and Wantagh’s Jones Beach in Long Island, NY. The drones will be flying along the Atlantic Ocean coast regularly to protect swimmers from sharks that may... Read More

  • New Plans to Stop Deadly Swarms of Drones

    One of the newest threats that the Pentagon is facing, is swarms of drones that are designed to destroy any target they are programmed to attack. Criminals around the world have started using swarms of civilian drones to gather surveillance, target individuals, even going as far as to drop explosives. This is a worrying trend... Read More

  • Open Source Collaboration to Improve Drone Technology

    Ardupilot, an open source unmanned vehicle software provider, is often developed in hobbyist shops, garages, and basements with many of them located in Australia. Surprisingly, many drone enthusiasts have not heard of Ardupilot, but they have likely seen the actual software in action. Developers such as Andrew Tridgell, a software engineer with an interest in... Read More

  • Building Inspections Being Done By Drones

    An inspection of a building’s facade for defects is often a tedious process. It normally requires equipment such as lifts and ropes, and is a huge safety risk to the inspectors. Thanks to drones, inspecting a building can be done faster, easier, cheaper and much safer than ever before. New technology was invented by a... Read More

  • Wearable Drone Jammer For Military Personnel

    A new wearable counter drone technology system is now available. The new device is called the Pitbull and was created by the company MyDefence. MyDefence creates counter drone technology which was started by a group of former military officers with experience in military operations and radio technology. The Pitbull, utilizes “smart jamming” to disrupt, enemy... Read More

  • Using Drones To Fight Malaria

    Drone technologies are once again being called upon to aid in humanitarian causes. In this particular situation, drones are being used on the front lines of the fight against the mosquito borne disease, malaria. Malaria is a disease that causes a sickness that is similar in symptoms to the flu, which causes a quarter of... Read More

  • NASA Working On Drones That Will Study The Planet Venus

    Over the next few years, NASA and other space exploration agencies hope to send missions to more planets in the Solar System. In addition to the studies that have already started on Mars, NASA plans to send a mission to Venus to learn more about the planet. The mission will involve a study of Venus’... Read More

  • A Drone Was Possibly Used During A Prison Escape in France

    Recently, associates of notorious gangster, Redoine Faid from South Paris, France, hijacked a helicopter and flew it onto the grounds of the Reau prison. They then proceeded to use force to open a door to free the 46 year old.  According to the French justice ministry, the whole incident only took a few minutes.  The... Read More

  • European Union Proposes New Drone Regulations

    Recently, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) came up with a proposal to regulate small civilian drones in European nations as part of the International Airport Review’s safety series. The proposal serves as the basis for the adoption of rules and regulations by the European Commission later this year. The proposal is a result of... Read More

  • Ohio Plans to Use Drones to Study Highway Traffic

    The state of Ohio has given the green light to a new 3-year study that will test the feasibility of using a fleet of drones to monitor Ohio’s road systems. Put into motion by Governor John Kasich’s Innovation Center for New Technology, the study is expected to cost up to $5.9 million over 3 years... Read More

  • Drones Used to Monitor Kilauea Volcano

    Drones have been proven to be useful not only as a tool for recording fun moments and film making, but also as a research tool that is helping scientists understand some of the unsolved mysteries in science. Due to their size and ability to be controlled remotely, drones can be used to capture images, footage,... Read More

  • Drones To Replace 4th of July Firework Displays

     For a long time, organized Fireworks have been synonymous with holiday celebrations such as the 4th of July. But in this season of drought, some western American towns are abandoning this tradition for a more safer alternative…drone shows! The change has partly been inspired by beautifully choreographed drone shows such as the one from... Read More

  • Amazon Patents Hijack Proof Delivery Drones

    Amazon, the largest online store aims to revolutionize their delivery services by using drones. As part of their new drone delivery technology, Amazon seeks to develop patents to make the delivery process as simple and easy as possible. Two years ago, the company filed a patent under “Hostile takeover avoidance of unmanned vehicles.” The patent... Read More

  • Drones Causing Problems for Firefighters Fighting Forest Fires

    In the past decade, drones have grown a lot in popularity mainly due to the increasing number of manufacturers making high-quality drones that are both affordable and easy to use. As a result, there are currently millions of drone owners all around the world. In most countries, anyone who can afford a drone is allowed... Read More

  • China’s New Drones Look Exactly like Real Birds

     In another example of China using the latest technology to spy on its citizens’ lives, the Chinese government has recently started testing drones that look like birds. The purpose of these small drones is simple. To go unnoticed while observing its citizens. Reports indicate that the drones have been deployed for testing in several... Read More

  • Firefighters Are Using Drones To Catch Illegal Firework Displays

    New privacy concerns emerged after a fire department used drones to oversee 4th of July celebrations.  The Bakersfield Fire Department, used drones to fly over residential areas to search for illegal fireworks. This year they went all out to ensure that no illegal fireworks were used, even going as far as sending out 38 enforcement... Read More

  • Mexican City Uses Drones to Successfully Reduce Crime

    Drones have been all over the news recently for both good and bad reasons. Fortunately, there seems to be more positive news about them. In Mexico, a single drone has helped reduce the crime rate in the city of Ensenada by 10%. The drone has taken to the skies, patrolling the city for several months... Read More

  • Drone Successfully Finds Missing Man

    Peter Pugh, a 75 year old publishing company owner, recently got lost while on a walk with friends at Brancaster Beach. He was found alive and in pretty good health 20 hours later by a drone! Pugh, tried to take a shortcut home and went missing after he became separated from his group. He fell... Read More

  • The US Navy Develops Robotic Ships For Launching Drones

    Researchers from Atlantic University (FAU) in Florida and The U.S. Navy have developed robotic boats from which drones can be launched in order to protect U.S. coastal waters. Their goal was to create a system that can reliably and safely navigate the coast with a high level of precision and protection. The FAU will create... Read More

  • MIT Researchers Create Miniature Drones

    Last year, researchers at MIT created a miniature computer chip designed to help bug sized drones fly. Now, they have reduced the size of the chip and its power consumption even further. Associate professor, Vivienne Sze, at MIT’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) and her team have created an innovative new chip... Read More

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